Spirited Charge doesnt work

Since 1.1.2 d Spirited charge does not work for Cavalier (Gendarme) anymore.


Or any other mounted class.

Didn’t read this and built a mounted-combat rogue and surprise…Spirited charge not working as of 25/11/2021

If you check the combat logs it looks like what’s happening is that only the mount counts as charging, not the rider. The mount/rider also give each other flanking which I don’t think is supposed to happen

The flanking is the main reason people use mounted fight, to abuse flanking/outflank. So I’m pretty sure thats working as intended

Tested a new Sohei with fauchard. On charge the horse gets +2 to hit (charge), the rider does not. Both attack but spirited charge does not work. Successfull mobility checks are shown in logg but my horse gets hit frequently. Unsuccessfull mobility checks are not shown in logg. Either I roll really bad or the system does the mobility check only under certain circumstances. Mounted combat Is so great, I would really wish they make it work as intended.

Yea mounted combat with RTwP has been bugged since patch 1.1.2. Not sure about TB mode since I think that was the original reason it was “changed”

Turn base is what I play. Yes it is bugged. Even more than before 1.1.2. . I would really like to at least get charge boni. Cant be that hard.

Since last update 1.1.4. charge and spirited charge seem to work.

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I think there is still the problem of mount not attacking when the rider has reach (RTwP). And selecting your mount is such a pain since clicking on them only selects the rider so you have to go through the laggy scrolling process to select the portrait. I honestly liked how the mounted system worked before all this rework (prior 1.1.2).

In my case the mount is attacking. But I dont use a reaxh weapon on the rider.

Wau now spirited charge works for my Gendarme even in combination with Mythic charge BUT ONLY ON FOOT. Is this a joke ?