Spells we want in WotR

My number one spell I would love to have in WotR is the wish spell I think this spell would fit in WotR very well so what spells do you want to have in WotR

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My head hurts even thinking about the coding time and effort needed to make Wish possible (if memory serves (and it may not as it’s been around a decade) in BG II you had limited options based on your wisdom.

For myself, some of the Magus spells that weren’t implemented in Kingmaker (like force punch and hydraulic push) would be nice, as it seems like there are likely to be a lot of enemies with elemental resistance/immunity (especially immune to lightning) that would make magus an unappealing choice with the spells currently available (though magus does have many of the arcane buffs I see people complaining about the NPCs not having).

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Wish in its form to increase stats, or mimic lower level spells wouldn’t be too hard to implement if the team magically finds a bunch of free time in their schedule. But yes, as you point out, the full implementation of that spell would probably need something like a stand-in NPC and a bunch of dialogue to figure out.

I’ll have to build a list later because lately I’ve been in DND land, but priority should be given to spells that have a lower level and that can add new play styles. For example, a new lvl 1 spell is more important than a lvl 9 spell because you have the lvl 1 spell for more levels. In addition, a spell that counters other spells as a defensive reaction or that freezes time or that lays a mine field of traps while invisible would take priority over another roll xd10 and deal that damage blaster spell because the former add new types of mechanics to the game.

I do think that new and interesting mechanics could be added without necessarily adding new spells. For example, players could be given more choices for summons or polymorph/beast shape/wild shape spells.

Finally, I think wish is an absolutely terrible spell. Not only is it impossible to code a rule breaking spell in a computer game, which requires rules, but it is also a game breaking spell that probably shouldn’t even exist in PNP. But I generally wish that caster power levels were diminished in PNP. Some people like those spell levels 7-9 which essentially make it a single player game between the wizard and the DM while the rest of the party enjoys the roller coaster.

Why not instead of just spells, we can do spell smithing. I believe it was obvlion that we could combine spells and in da:origins we could combine spells and their affects. (Storm of century was my fave aoe, but had high requirements and mana). Same with smithing spells, affects, and runes into items and spell scrolls, with the mana cost already paid and various affects, strengths, and uses accordingly. Could also be a trade in them or mercenaries for spell and ability combos.

Rather than new spells, I think the metamagic Selective Spell is the thing I want the most.

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More Necromancy spells. That particular magic school is oddly enough one of the weakest ones in Kingmaker and WotR alpha. Suffice to say it lacks crucial spells. To name a few:

Animate Dead, Lesser
Command Undead
Ghostbane Dirge
Detect Undead
Halt Undead
Howling Agony
Aura of Cannibalism
Unliving Rage
Blood Boil
Ghoul Army
Create Variant Mummy
Orb of Void
Symbol of Death
Cursed Earth

Ect. You get the idea. The 3rd spell level is especially horrible, given that it only has one necromancy spell in it. The 5th, 8th and 9th ones are only slightly better of with each having two spells of said school.

uh oh. thats an issue with liches then and thus needs rectifying if necromancy is that messed up

In fact, maybe is because I played long time ago, but I something I would like to see is to make a little bit better UI and make easier to apply meta magic feats.

In my first playthroughs I found casters a little bit underwhelming as they are more difficult to manage, specially when the spellbook starts becoming full and i was making a little bit overwhelming the spell management. (That´s why I tried to use spontaneous casters, less spells easier to manage).

Anyone else thinks that a better UI for magic users will also be helpful?

Other than the wish spell I do think we need some spells that are not combat related like tiny hut for camping

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@Wooden_Dragon you cant have player liches and not give them their full arsenal of necromantic goodness. please tell me this will be included in the full release!?

Probably will not happen but, reincarnation has been a fun one at my table (especially when we roll on a third party table)

“Oh no the hyper masculine ranged fighter died”
Druid: “I can rebuild him”
reincarnates as a 16 y/o changeling

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You are probably right but we might get this spell in BG3 from what I have watch of the livesteam

After thinking further about my post, I’d look at spell additions as a way to add new mechanics to the game. Specifically, I’d consider the following modules:

(1) Movement Spells added with verticality in combat map design and damage from falling or being dropped from height and flying enemies ( feather fall, levitate, fly, telekinetic charge, etc.)

(2) Obscuring Spells added with cover and line of sight mechanics (obscuring mist, fog cloud, haunting mists, etc.)

(3) Terrain manipulation with well…manipulable terrain (sleet storm,
wall of xxx, stone shape, shifting sand)

(4) Knockback spells combined with terrain destruction and spells that blanket terrain with harmful effects (hydraulic push, force punch, battering blast)

(5) Illusion spells with cover mechanics and an AI overwork to lure/distract an enemies attention and/or an adventure path with more stealth/sneak level design rather than
combat design (Silent Image, Minor Image, etc.

(6) Spells to use with a familiar with a revamped familiar system and
caltrops/alchemy items for familiars (burning gaze, fire sneeze, pyrotechnics, etc.

(7) Move Action Spells (snapdragon fireworks, flame sphere, aqueous orb)