Spellcasters, they need an extra

Quick comment.

When you balance enemies for the WotR have something in comment.

In both real time combat and turn based combat, spellcasters are underwhelming as they require of much more micromanagement than fighters. I think that many people here, we use spellcaster either for healing or haste/slow.

There are few ways to go around that, one of them is making less combat but more challenging.

But what does not help at all, is the fact that the “bosses” have a ultra high spell resistance/savign throw. This makes sense in tabletop as in tabletop the micromanagement of speelcasters is not an issue, but it is an issue in the main game.

Now i am fighting the boss of the dungeon DLC and octavia is like … well, anyone has a beer? because it will never surpass the saving throws of the enemy,

This is an issue inherited from TT.

Arcane casters aren´t a optimal choice as damage dealers against high CR foes.

But focusing on buffs and summons will give your Octavia more to do.

That or optimizing spell penetration (+4 on caster check for 2 feats) and and focusing on ray spells. Even with bosses most touch AC is low.

@Steppenwolf speaks the truth. Casters aren’t blasters. There’s a lot of history behind this, but the short version is that Pathfinder is based on DND 3rd edition. One of the biggest changes made in DND 3rd edition vs 2nd edition is that it increased the hit die of monsters by far more than it increased damage due on spells and the growth rate of damage die on spells. Whereas blasters mages were extremely powerful in 2nd edition, their fireball did less damage in 3rd edition as a percentage of a monsters health and that fireball’s damage grew at a slower rate than monster health (ie, fireball would gain an extra d6 in damage for a level up, but the monsters would gain on average another 10-20 health, so the fireball became “worse” in comparison to the monsters it had to kill.

In comparison, your buff spells would add a percentage in hit and damage to your melee, who would grow stronger every level and gain attacks and crit chance and better weapons/gear, your cc spells would “grow” in strength each level because they were cc’ing stronger monsters, and your 1 hit die lvl 1 summon “grows” in strength because it’s still absorbing 1 attack or road blocking 1 monster, but that attack is coming from a stronger monster.

It is part of the strategy of a TTRPG spellcaster to plan in advance, and if you are up against something with high checks, then the winning strategy is to attune different spells like 1/2-damage-on-save or buffs, etc. in order to mitigate that.

Its the same with a fighter and an enemy with a very high AC. Instead of attacking you change your equipment or stance to be defensive.

I think it is nice to have some decent more PnP like familiar, and it would be very helpful for spellcasters.