Spell components + fuller spell roster please

Title. Spell components would work especially nice for flavour and balance, even more so if spells like “resurrection” make it.

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I prefer having all spell components as optional! Infinity Engine games like Baldur’s Gate are considered classics and none in vanilla have spell components!


That doesn’t mean they are perfect or balanced. Also different ruleset.

Kingmaker had a handful of spells that required spell components - stuff like Dinosaur Bones, Diamond Dust, etc. - for spells like Stoneskin, Legendary Animal Growth, and I think stuff like Resurrection. I imagine that Owlcat will keep a few of those around to encourage careful thought about using those high-level buffs and spells, but having too many spell components could risk making life really hard for casters who already have to carefully ration their spell slots over lots of encounters. Plus it would lead to more loot to collect and weigh down our inventory.

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a pouch with everything + focus and components doesn’t seem terrible.

I understand that some players would see spell components as an interesting feature in WotR. However, I believe that if such option is to become available so should be the Eschew Materials feat and the Spell Component Pouch item for those players who don’t get so thrilled about needing to replenishing spell components :grin:

Mmmm, I don’t like this idea that much. Based on pen (or pencil) and paper experience components are more often than not ignored by DMs except when they are costly (like diamond dust for example) and that is already in the game. It really becomes a chore to constantly check and keep track of all of those.

Yes the idea is that wizards carry a pouch with basic components.