Spell/Ability Queue

For those of us who won’t be playing in Turn-Based Mode, could we get some sort of spell queue?

For example, that little sheet of paper that pops up when you set a spell to auto; could we put spells in queue there, and perhaps make the list get bigger as it goes?

It would be nice to start combat with a pause (As I usually do), and be able to instruct my characters to do things in a row. ie. Cast a buff, then cast a debuff, then cast an offensive spell on separate targets, rather than having to manually do it as the casts finish.


Shift-Queuing, all I’m saying.

As implemented in Pillars and every RTS since starcraft 1.

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And in Neverwinter Nights too

I would like to see this too it would make buffs so much easier.

i like to see action queuing too!. i think it should work for turn-based as well?

I REALLY want action queue as well! It’s a must have.