Sosiel’s set-up

His Feats are so poor that his development is hamstrung (Clerics being short on feats to begin with).

This isn’t really helpful feedback. You need to add some explanations and suggestions as to his feat picks. Just saying “X is poor” isn’t constructive.

Example: “I feel Sosciel’s feat pick for Medium Armor focus does not concentrate on his strengths in combat. I usually try and not have him get hit in combat at all and would like his picks to be more concentrated around his Glaive. I feel that Power Attack is a better choice for his character as it would give him a bonus to damage and allow me to select the Cleave early if I want to concentrate on his ability in combat.”

Or something like that.

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It has nothing to do with feelings. On a brighter note this is already one of the best games I’ve ever played. Lann, Wolj, and Seelah are spectacular.

Burning Feats for one AC or a few HP that can be easily obtained via an Aid spell pale in comparison to every other option. Likewise locking in two different toons to both Selective and Extra Channeling is overkill. The choice between Tristian and Harrim for instance was much more interesting.

At minimum you could get him at lvl 4 to avoid locking things in.

Hi! Could you please elaborate on why you don’t like Sosiel’s default build? Because if you think it could be easily improved and have ideas, I would love to show them to our game designers. Or, even better, you can hover the mouse cursor over him, press Alt+B and write a suggestion about his starting feats. We always appreciate constructive criticism and feedback!

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Sosiel is not a fighter so please stop trying to make him one; he is a feat starved class so medium armor focus (with his lousy dex) and toughness are a waste of time. It would be far better if he came with some combination of: (i) more extra channels so that he match Daeran in this; this would then allow feats to be focused purely on spell casting; or (ii) a weapon focus/dazzling display. His high wisdom and wis to persuasion (plus intimidating prowess later on with his decent strength) means I found him to actually be a very effective dazzler early to mid game while not using spells or healing. I could never put him in melee because he died incredibly easily with his AC. And he can’t hit the side of a barn with a ranged weapon.

He’s a fine fighter. Try him with Marching Terror(?) as is (make sure to Enlarge him).


Feats are in general worth quite a bit more than 1 AC.

One interesting thing about Seelah’s starting build is that her similar Feat Shield Focus opens up the much more Unique and powerful Missile (and later) Ray Shield. Perhaps add a couple powerful Feats that require Armor Focus as a pre-req. In general reach weapons are a good fit for Clerics because of Archon’s Aura (it keeps you in range of your foes) and those builds tend to de-emphasize defense and healing feats because there are a lot of good offensive feats and Clerics (other than Crusaders) get no bonus feats.

With there being such a shortage of two-handed melee companions and Glaive being the preferred weapon of his deity, I’d take it the exact opposite direction (ala Harrim) and set him up to be a Cleave user, especially with all the large mobs of foes you’re fighting in WotR.

It can be overpowered for a Fighter but for a Cleric it could hit the sweet spot. It you’d expand the list of Crusader bonus feats to include some Cleave feats he’d make a great Crusader.

I agree that armor focus and toughness are useless on a char with low dex who is unable to use heavy armor. His AC is low and enemies will kill him fast if they attack him.

A cleric with some str and wis and a glaive as weapon is a very good idea, especially when there is no str based damage dealer among the companions ( I consider Seelah a tank ).
He will definitely get power attack and cleave from me.
It makes no sense to spend feats to turn the defense of a char from very very bad to just very bad.
Instead, with a glaive and his great buffs he can be a good attacker while being also a great healer and buffer for the whole party.

In alpha1 he had feats that improve saves, which is the worst thing you can do. But armor focus is not good in general and totally useless if you are not a tank.


This is the extreme version. Obviously could work in some kind of improved Toughness theme (say forces crit confim reroll against you) or likewise with the Medium Armor (say applies Armor bonus to Touch AC or something). Would need to expand pool of Crusader bonus feats since lvl five bonus feat has nothing he’d want.

Would also strongly encourage making Daeran Oracle custom class with Nobility Domain (in exchange for a Revelation or something) so you’d have another companion with a Domain for Domain Mastery, it’s a good fit with his story, and it’s quite good which would encourage people to explore the obscure Domains.

I’m curious if you’ll be able to shift his alignment to lawful. Maybe you could give him some hellknight signifier levels. Seems like an easy way to get some bonus armor and blindfight without sacrificing your cleric spells and CL. Same for some wizards. Unless, I’m forgetting something…

I always liked building Harrim as a reach weapon cleric with cleave and cleaving finish. As, I typically just use clerics for heals and buffs. It made him much more useful when you’re focusing on other characters. He hit a lot and rarely got hit. His slow speed meant that he was always slower than my tank to an enemy and I never had to micro his actions.

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I have not play Alpha 2 yet but if i was building a Glaive user cleric it would look like this >>>

Level 1: Weapon focus Glaive and Selective Channel for new players
Level 3: Extend spell

Level 4: Sosiel is recruited, so it now become the player choice to send him into a reach melee or a caster

Level 5: Power attack
Level 7: Outflank
Level 9: Cleave
Level 11: Imp. critical glaive
Level 13: Cleaving Finish

Overall, only the two level 1 feats are not that great but also not the worst and if he is recruited at level 4, then it become the player choice to send him in pretty much any directions.

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If you’re going to have a Crusader this is the time to do it. Underrated class. Good action economy. Agree on the Selective and Extend. Extra Channeling is poor.

That’s likely the route that I’d go as well. Extend will lead you to the mythic version. Paired with enduring spells you’ll be able to have 24 hour eaglesoul, righteous might and the like. They’ll turn into a real beast at CL 25. It’ll make it so the lack of feats doesn’t matter as much.

Seelah’s dex is pretty close to qualifying for two weapon fighting. I popped a dex belt on her and took it and shield bash for her. Along with shield mastery she was doing quite well against most enemies. There are also some nice bashing shields in the alpha. She’s no slayer or freebooter shield basher. But, was serviceable enough.

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