Sosiel infinitely painting

This has started happening in Act 1. After leaving Drezen for the nth time, Sosiel is now in infinite painting animation, combat encounters included. To be more precise on game progress, I’ve finished exploring Areelu’s laboratory for the first time (not sure if it will be re-visited later). After that I was just wondering about random locations that have no impact on the story and returned to Drezen a few times.

Sosiel right now:

  1. Can’t cast spells
  2. Can’t interact with objects as Sosiel
  3. Leaving a location doesn’t work first time
  4. Getting Sosiel to unconscious state does nothing to remedy the issue
  5. Killing Sosiel doesn’t resolve the issue. As soon as he is revived, he starts painting again.

Update: retraining Sosiel seems to fix the bug.

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I encountered the same bug. Sosiel is stuck infinitely in the painting pose. Unfortunately in my case retraining him doesn’t work. Please devs, fix this bug. I really like Sosiel and would like to continue using him.

this might be the funniest bug in the game. i wish it didnt mess up the gameplay so much

I even had him prep remove blindness, but in all these weeks he’s been chilling at the camp he’s waited for me to give him an explicit order to use it on himself with trendy paintball. Strange man.