Sorcerer build help

So for Beta 2 I´m aiming at playing a sorcerer focused on physical combat through the different polymorph and other shape changing types of spells and were wondering if anyone have any good tips for feats / ability score spread and such? Wanting full caster progression so 100% sorcerer levels. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t start with charisma any higher than…14 because you’ll be focusing upon shifting spells and will want to put stats in physical attributes. That means your spell package will avoid DC spells, and focus instead on shifting spells, buffs and blaster spells that don’t target DC or have saves (ie the die per level type of spells). I’d probably choose a sylvan sorcerer because the pet will synergize well with your buff spells and can be a target for transformation spells later in the game and will help carry you in the early game, where youll be weaker. But there are arguments for abyssal bloodline (which has passive strength gains) and draconic bloodlines (which brings dragon shifting and allows dragon disciple 4 for extra strength and natural AC.

With so low Cha you won’t be able to cast. You need at least 19 Cha in the end, if you want to be able to cast your highest level spells.

So I take it the beta version that comes next is gonna invalidate our saves, yes? If so, then I should definitely recreate my Scion of Arkhosia, merciful Golden Dragon

He’ll be able to grab a headband w/ +Charisma. With 14 starting charisma, that will carry him through level 9. By then, he should have found at least a +2 headband, which will carry the character through lvl 13. By then, he should have a +4 headband.

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Bloodrager is for if you want to be a shifter. Muscle wizards/sorcerers dont feel good playing at all, i know i got half way through act 3 with one, especially aginst some of the side/hidden fights where you can’t hit them at all

Technically it can be very rewarding to do a Wizard or sorcerer build, it simply requires careful strategy and planning. This game does seem to encourage either sticking with one class or gambling on taking a prestige class that fits with your mythic path or concept for your character

Biggest problem might well be the early game hurdle of being fragile in melee, though there are ways to compensate. The Eldritch Knight class can be used to build a somewhat decent martial wizard without re rolling as a magus. Though I confess a certain fondness for Eldritch Scions in general, seeing as bladebound isn’t available as an archetype.

Try the Abyssal bloodline and grab 19 str when starting out. you get 5 stat points when leveling so just put em all in to strength to max it out. You can use 3 levels to multiclass as the capstone is nothing impressive imo. I would suggest getting something like 2 Paladin and/or 1 Monk (Scaled Fist, would require Crossblooded Sorcerer with a draconic one.)
2 paladin would net you some nice saves due to adding your Charisma bonus to your Saves.
1 monk would get you your Charisma bonus to AC.

If you go down this path then you will want to multiclass asap in order to gain the ability to survive the early game easier and take advantage of the bonuses. ofc this limits your transformation powers right out of the gate so maybe you wanna wait a bit until you got something you enjoy transforming into. I’d recommend Big Cats or Dragons. Avoid elementals.

There are other paths to take tho. Something like the high multiclassing one where you take 4 levels of Sorcerer and then grab a level in a sneak attack class like the rogue or the Vivisectionist archetype for the alchemist, adding in a Accomplished Sneakattacker level, would open up the possibility for Arcane trickster, allowing you to gain both spell levels and sneak attack die. If you wanna see people blow up, this is my fav way. And you could add in a level or two in magus for more of the explosiveness.

Hope some of it helps :smiley:

Aw you siad full caster progression, still just grab Abyssal and Sorc it up with 19 str, 14 cha, dump int and put the rest either in dex or in con. remember you have low HP but also low AC so plan accordingly. GL!