Sorcerer bloodlines, what we lack

First I would like to suggest that we add in the Orc bloodline. It would open up a very risky but fun way of playing as a crossblooded sorcerer with Abyssal and Orc bloodlines. Low health but very high potential strength in the later stages of the game.
Really, really, reallllllyyyy, want it added in :smiley: (its my fav combination by far!)

Another would be the Shadowed Bloodline which always looked like an interesting one, as it focuses on the sorcerer remaining hidden and casting spells from within a darkness spell. It would give us more to think about when it comes to the use of the Stealth skill, something that could potentially be used in combat more.

Finally the Pestilence Bloodline allows us to potentially mindcontrol nearly anything, what with that and the Undead bloodline leaving very few things out of our manipulative hands. Since this is a singleplayer game, you don’t mind my nefarious deeds as I rummage around in the heads of others, right? ^^

Are there any other we can think about having added in? :smiley:

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Any of: Phoenix, Solar, Starsoul and Unicorn.

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Axiomite bloodline would be good, too.

Aberrant, Protean, Scorpion and Shapechanger in case of sorcerers. For bloodragers I am also still missing Aberrant, Hag, Shapechanger and Verdant.

I would like lore explanations for each (Not me saying no, I am legit curious how each one works mechanically and lore wise.).

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Lore is very simple for most, since the Sorcerer is made to have a simple reason for being what they are, in the FAR past something happened and the bloodline was created, you are a descendant of that bloodline and happened to have inherited some odd powers.
Maybe you ancestors were in love with an orc.
Maybe they messed around with the blood of a phoenix to live forever.
Maybe they were very much faithful to a certain god and their power touched them, causing it to linger in their very blood line.
Maybe they caught a Unicorn and became friends with it, and that friendship caused them to be blessed with some of it’s powers.

It’s all things that happened in the far past, long before you were born, and you just happened to have gained some benefits from it. (or determents depending on you.)

Ofc there is the idea of gaining a bloodline yourself. Through magic or alchemy, wishes or “deals”.
But in general the simpler explanation is just to say you don’t know where your bloodline comes from, which is perfectly valid.

I am afraid to ask how the Scorpion one happened.

Usually it’s kind of like what you know of from the movie the scorpion king

…They made a deal with Anubis to conquer Egypt, then Anubis claimed them and made them his Champion so that he might conquer Earth?
Which doesn’t make too much sense given Anubis isn’t a malevolent deity, it’s SET that is the evil one.

Mathematician answer: Yes