Sorc. Un-dead bloodline

So… First post in the forum.

Never really got the hang of how spells “hit” their targets. This is especially true for touch, ranged-tough (what is that even?), ray and so on. Tried to read the guides, understood little to non. So, as an arcane spellcaster (wizard or sorc.), what “martial” skills should I pick?

Second question; if I’m going for an sorc. with un-dead bloodline, what feats, stats etc. would be optimal to go for in the field of “immersion” striving for a necromancer with loads of minions at my disposal? You know, the typical “lich-in-being”. Don’t care to much about optimal stats, although I suppose I could be fine with switching to a wizard if it’s a huge deal.

And I’m sorry if this topic has been handled before; I’m still learning the ropes for this forum community.

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Touch attack - it’s attack, that ignore enemy armor. Only dex can save.

1 - Some spells automatically hit but can be partially or fully resisted if the target makes a saving throw. Other spells require the caster to make an attack roll but then generally impose their full effects on the target without a save. Generally casters use save-but-no-attack-roll spells which means you can safely build your character without worrying very much about your AB. However if you are going arcane trickster or just like the idea of using spells that require an attack roll, then you would worry a lot more about high physical stats and/or feats like precise shot.

2 - If you are wanting to have lots of minions at your disposal, your best bet would be an evil-aligned abyssal sorcerer rather than opting for the undead bloodline. Unless you are literally wanting to cast animate dead as many times as possible, in which case it doesn’t matter much which bloodline you use (and you could actually consider going mystic theurge in that case).

Great questions, and welcome. Hopefully we’ll all be able to experience
PF games for years to come. I’ll add a discussion about this to the guide I’m writing because I suspect these are common questions that many people have about the PF systems.

To your specific questions, some spells are touch attacks—melee range and your chance
to hit is influenced by the target’s touch armor class, which is more or less the default armor
class of 10 plus the character’s bonus from dexterity. This ignores bonuses to armor class from armor, natural armor, deflection that would be included in the normal, non-touch armor class. Some spells are ranged touch attacks, which are basically ranged versions of the melee touch attack. Unless you are planning to build a caster who is in melee and uses melee touch attacks, you’ll want to pick as feats Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, and Weapon Focus: Ray. These will improve your chance to hit with most ranged touch attacks, which are more or less treated like ranged attacks like a bow. However, these feats will NOT affect ranged spells that compare your Difficulty Class to a saving throw.

Lich/necromancy summoners are not well implemented in this game. The best you can probably do is the animate dead spell. You’ll want to pick up the conjuration feats that improve your summons strength and duration,
which require spell focus conjuration as a prerequisite (I’m not in game, but my recollection is that these feats apply to all summons, not just conjuration school spells).

Unfortunately Kingmaker does not offer a build path for undead-summoning characters because augment/superior summoning only applies to spells with “summon” in the name. So the name of the game is simply to get as many spell slots as you can, cast animate dead as often as you can, and then do whatever you like with your stats/feats/etc.

To my mind the “closest” you can come thematically to this general idea is an evil abyssal sorcerer who would summon menacing creatures including but not limited to undead. You pick evil because it ensures your summon monster spells will conjure melee creatures and you pick abyssal because it grants extra DR to your summoned creatures. You follow a standard summoner build path (spell focus conj, augment, superior) with the understanding that the spell you most want to be using, animate dead, won’t benefit from any of it.