[Solved] Please give me your end-alpha savegame


I dont want to spoil myself since I have problems playing content over and over like was the case with Kingmaker but I want to know about Mythic Feats that are part of the game to help find out which Class I want to play.

So (anybody), please post a link to your savefile so I can see the list of Mythic Feats available. The savegame must be at a situation where I can attain a Level-Up or whatever Up that allows me to pick these Feats (dont know) for the main character but also for the companions.


Isnt it easier to edit your save file yourself? Its not too hard to give your characters lvl 20 and mythic 10. Then you can level them up completely and even look at all spells and higher level abilities. You can look up online how to to that if you never done it. It works exactly like kingmaker and theres some toturials for it. Only thing important and diferent is that you set your mythic experience to 10 not your mythic level in the save file. That was my problem while trying it the first time

Thank you ! It worked and I can theorycraft that much more.