So what mythic path actually works if you’re planning on rolling a Paladin?

Since caster hybrids can’t actually merge spellbooks, it feels like there’s not much point to rolling a Hospitaler archetype. Thus I find myself questioning the feasibility of using any Paladins built for situational support. Am I wrong?

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Youre entirely right. WotRs main Mythic Feature is spellcasting since every single Mythic Path is built around it. For a Paladin the only true option is Angel since Azata is Chaotic and Aeon is Neutral.

If Paladins cant merge their spellbook that main feature is made useless as the Paladin now has to dedicate Feat picks toward spellcasting while never being able to reach a viable level as compared to a Cleric but while definitely watering down his Paladin progression.

The only way to play WotR correctly is to pick a Class that has full synergy with any Mythic Path unless Owlcat allows to merge spellbooks with half-casters.

This means picking one of these:
Angel → Cleric, Oracle
Lich → Arcanist, Sorcerer, Wizard

Or using Paths that simply gives the most useful non-spellcasting feature which most often than not is Azata for the Dragon Companion or Trickster to up numbers. Both not possible for Paladins so they arent a good choice for a MC in WotR, unfortunately.

My advice is to choose Cleric instead. Still has Deity, still can participate in melee combat, but has that full Mythic spellbook progression on top. You can dedicate Feat picks for melee combat since at CL 30 you wont have to invest nearly as much Feats towards spellcasting as a Paladin would need (or ever could) to.

I really hope they decide on allowing merges with half casters, considering that Inquisitors synergy with Aeon…

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They should, yes. Currently there are ‘wrong’ Classes to play WotR and new players are guaranteed to get trapped in situations that lead to a lot of unneeded frustration and negative reviews.

Current Mythic progression means nothing if it doesnt work with the Class system which is presented before any mention of the former.

There should be notes which Mythic Path works with the chosen Class and which doesnt. In case of Classes like Paladin which dont work with any Path, they should be greyed out and unable to be picked for MC.

Agreed. This really complicates the replay value, in part because not everyone is going to have the patience to do convoluted min maximizing builds

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Yes. I think these frustrated new players will then be lectured by those that know the ins and outs of the Mythic system the following way:

  • you picked the wrong Class

  • you didnt pick Feat X, likely something Dazzling Display + Cornugon Smash (because thats from the go more powerful than an entire Class)

  • play on easy

None of these help make WotR a success. The Steam forums will be a clutter of threads by people that have no idea what to pick. Im overwhelmed by this as well though I know which Classes are viable and which are not, so I wont be trapped.

The current Mythic system is inflexible to the extreme while the Class system is the complete opposite. You essentially create a foot which fits in no shoe presented to you.

It could be alleviated by at least permitting hybrid casters to add or merge the spells, modified to fit within their paradigm, within reason, but I don’t know how that could be implemented. I’m not trained or experienced at writing code.

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I always hoped for “gold dragon” to be the perfect Mythic Path for paladin, since that’s what golddragons are. The one and only true lawful good powers in the game (maybe along with iomedae). Angels are the neutral good ones ;-), and since there are no archons available i can’t see any better option for paladins.

As someone who played merged Angel… I didn’t like it. You are completely OP, none of the class choices of your whole party matters anymore. I would actually recommend to not play merged Cleric/Oracle&Angel. Paladin sounds like a good class for Angel, it has some synergies.
There are 3 paths which could work for Paladin: Angel, Aeon and Gold Dragon.
Aeon is the least fitting of them, since Aeon is a very narrow path and has no good options, it will most likely make you either fail your mythic quest, or make you fall… and then not even Scrolls of Atonement can save you i think, since the scrolls will just bring you to your path’s alignment.
Angel or Angel into Gold Dragon seem the way to go

Ingame, Angel path is LG and gold dragon is NG.
It doesn’t follow the lore here.


Poor ol’ draconic Knight Commander. He will be the loneliest NG dragon who ever walked Golarion. Given that no metallic dragons are of this alignment. Much less gold dragons. Yikes.

That’s like Owlcat rebranting Aeons from TN into LN all over again. Only now this change isn’t supported by 2e as well. One could even call it a narrative bug.

Owww. Thats sort of disapointing. I never got that far, but i really hoped to get some “non-agressive” methods of smiting my foes. I always thought the idea of really overpowering your foes to get them to flee or even (shudder) surrender would be the coolest win for a paladin.

That is so wrong. I tried a lot of Tricksters combos and Trickster synergies well with almost all non-lawful locked classes. This is more of graph of casting mythic spells than synergy.

Trickster path is not on the graphs :thinking:
The examples given in the graphs are all correct

Are you sure about that? I hope you’re right because maybe I could take Azata and then still take Gold Dragon.

Kinecist + Any path. Really? Is it Angel?