So, I'm just about to start my 4th playthrough

120 hours in and I can say I currently have a love/want to nuke from orbit relationship with the game.

I’ve had…
Playthrough 1. Game breaking bug in act 5 (Lich) (mods, but not the cause)
Playthrough 2. Game breaking bug in act 5 (Angel) (no mods)
Playthrough 3. Game breaking bug in act 4 (Lich, Last Azlanti). (no mods)

This last one was a cursed, had saves disappearing in last azlanti (some how reverting to an earlier save despite only being 1 save?) and then when I came to the companion quest in the battle bliss, the NPC died and the game thought this was my MC for some reason and deleted my save and gave me a “game over” screen.

I still love this game but at this point, is it even worth playing? I am at the point where I just can’t hear the same conversations OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER…

So my question to you guys, how many of you have been having this trouble?

When you read todays patchnotes respeccing apparently breakes the game.

Did you use it?

I’m taking my time with it so I don’t outpace the patches, I’m only 35 hours in and still in the beginning of Act 3. Maybe take a break for a few weeks until they patch the later chapters.

Nope. I was very careful on this last playthrough (last Azlanti and all that) and I kinda expected it to end badly (not like this though).
I’ve been following all the guides/snippets online to make sure I do not do anything game breaking.

Yeah, I am thinking of just taking a break for 3-6 months. I just can’t justify playing at the moment.

I feel like I’ve forced my self to eat my favourite food until I can’t stand the taste any more.

“I feel like I’ve forced my self to eat my favourite food until I can’t stand the taste any more.”


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I’m glad that I play very slowely, but very correct… I’m still at the very beginning of act 2 after getting my powers. 40 hours in. LOL - They will have fixed the game when I come to the critical bug areas.

yeah angel path broken in act 5, next attempt broke in the shield maze.

The bugs are very much dependent on a set of what seems like almost random factors. Literally a mix of Class/Mythic/Convo options all put together = bugged out game. You can’t really figure out that your game is “bugged” until you’ve sunk a good amount of time into your play through and then its literally a coin toss on which one of your saves from 2+ days ago is the one that isn’t bugged out. At that point it is easier to just re-roll from the start.

Frustrating that you want to play the game and support the company because they make amazing products but those products all require an enormous amount of post launch time to be fully playable. Grrrr!

I’m glad (and sad) that other people are feeling the same.

I LOVE this game, I mean, how many games can we turn into demi god like entities and go around hell like a badass?

Its just a shame there are so many show stopping bugs.

Yes. I am having lots of trouble with this game. I have to characters. Both are still in Drezen. I seem to be stuck with no way of progressing in both play throughs. One is a Lich and the other is a Trickster. Both are not able to progress to the point of killing Xanthir Vang, and there are large areas that I cannot access with army or party. The Secrets of Creation/Heart of Mystery areas allow my party to access some of these areas, but armies can not access these areas. I’m stuck. They gated too much content for it to be fun. I spend most of my time in loading screens, cutscenes, and traveling around the world map to areas I have visited many times now. I want to play the game rather than endure endless time sinks.