Sneak Attack and Surprise Rounds

In turn based mode, if you initiate a surprise round, then after the surprise round all enemies will cease being flat-footed, even if they haven’t acted yet.

This is annoying, because if you have a ranged rogue with rapid shot (love you Octavia!), it’s usually better to NOT initiate a surprise round, so that you can get all of your sneak attacks off.

Any chance enemies could stay flat-footed until they act, in this case?

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Noticed the same, probably a bug.
I noticed also that sneak attack while flanking an enemy is not always done, trying to understand the reason but I think developer should check something to fix.

yeah its weird
melee wise i pretty much always get a sneak attack if atleast one other teammate is threatening, whether we are both directly in front or not.
whereas ranged wise generally need 3 teammates in threat range with the enemy, occasionally 2 but not always. ofcourse if only one melee is threatening enemy its not flanked. so cant get a ranged sneak attack from a single ally threatening. should totally work with 2 but seems 50/50

also very very occasionally my melee wont get a sneak attack from above situation but have no idea why, whereas in same combat where last round no sneak attack if i move so character is actually flanking or behind ill get a sneak attack.
seems to occasionally bug out if you attack the front radius of enemy regardless of how many teammates are threatening it