Sister in Arms Cavalier Archetype

Would it be possible to get the Sister in Arms Cavalier archetype?

I’d really love to get a mountless option before the full release of wrath.
I think it should not be too hard to implement it properly in the game:

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We already have a mountless cavalier archetype, the Disciple of Pike.

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I read about both of them and find both equally lacking. The Sister in Arms has an abundance of almost useless abilities and no Mount means any Fighter is a better choice.

The Disciple of the Pike, again, is just a worse Two-Handed Fighter which has both access to Fighter Feats and ALL two-handed weapons integrated into 1 Fighter Weapon Group instead of only 1 of Spears or Polearms, like that Disciple.

The AT Id like is Drake Rider but likely, due to dinosaurs getting added eventually, the open slot is locked to Saurian Champion.

Turbo necro:

Ahahajwjajaha. In actual ttrpg pathfinder, Sister-in-Arms cavalier is insanely strong. The combination of Order of The Dragon and Order of the Lion challenge and order abilities plus tactician enables a martial support build that absolutely turbocharges allied melee builds that lack +hit with relatively little effort. This is my Support/Striker/Tank build I’m currently running in Jade Regent:
Human cavalier. 20 pt buy. 16/12/14/13/8/15 after racials
advance str at 4/8. Con at 12/16. Faith trait to offset low wisdom for saves, trait that increases aid attack by 1
Level 1: human bonus feat flagbearer, tactician shake it off, power attack
level 3: Combat reflexes
level5: Combat expertise
level 6: swift aid
lvl 7: Duettist bard , harrying partners feat
levels 8/9 back into cavalier to get to cav 8
lvl 10 start into Battle Herald

Pair this with a friend who invests two feats to get harrying partners and shake it off, a ring of tactical precision, and benevolent armor and you pump out some insane support, while still being an essentially full bab beefy striker. The build absolutely fucks on tabletop. +4/+4 to all attacking allies during performances (+2/+2 from flagbearer with boak alone) +4-6 for your swift aid’d harrying partner, and the ability to throw out a whopping +5/+5 competence bonus as a swift once per encounter (generally once your melee is in full round position, assuming proper cha investment, all while 2h str full-rounding with only 1 missing point of bab…

If you don’t see the power in the built in bodyguard, Lion’s Call, for the king, strategy order, aid another scaling increase and a survivability steroid / ally + hit steroid challenge…I dunno what to tell you.

I’d say that adding everything Grey Maiden would be awesome!

I started Pathfinder Society to late to play a Sanguine Angel: Sanguine Angel – d20PFSRD

And would most definitely get this game if I could do so.

Hell, I’m thinking of getting this game and modding that class in if I can, even if I have to learn how to mod myself.