Shutting up the barking dogs.

There are a few places where you can find an atrocious, horrible, unsufferable corgi-like barking dog in the game. Including the Trading Post and the THRONE ROOM.
And it’s barking every three seconds, and it’s absolutely driving me mad.
Is there any way to make them killable, or to disable their sound (no, the “CRE_Dog.bnk” file doesn’t work, it’s for the Dog NPC, not these pests) or whatever ? They are breaking the flow of the game by making me mute my speakers each time I have to endure one zone they are in (and considering it includes the throne room, that’s one helluva common occurence).

I’ve looked up the Internet, and while I’ve seen lots of complaints about them, I’ve yet to find a mod or a hack or whatever that would work.


So, nobody has an answer ? Can’t the dev point us to how we can mod these pests out, or even better patch them so they don’t bark anymore ? Or so we can kill them in bloody revenge ?

Especially as these horrid little four-legged plagues seem to be everywhere - the keep in Varnholde, the Kellig camp in Dunsward, Oleg’s outpost… Everywhere I turn I get this atrocious constant barking and it’s DRIVING ME MAD !

Hrm, I am not a modder, but I found Pathfinder Kingmaker\Kingmaker_Data\StreamingAssets\Audio\GeneratedSoundBanks\Windows\SoundbanksInfo.xml . It appearantly does the mapping from events to sound files. Create a backup first. Open it with a text editor and search for Background_Bark - there are multiple ones. Change the .wav and .wem entries for each <File></File> section to something else, like the owl section:


Since this is manual tinkering with the files, it might be overwritten at game start or at next update. So create a backup for your modified file SoundbanksInfo.xml , too.

Thanks for the tip. I experimented a bit, and found this:

		<ObjectPath>\SoundBanks\Default Work Unit\Ambiences\AMB_GenericVillage</ObjectPath>
			<Event Id="249243385" Name="Dogs_Background_Barking_Play" ObjectPath="\Events\Default Work Unit\Ambiences\2D_Global\Capital\Dogs_Background_Barking_Play" GUID="{B1687467-C769-4989-B7E8-FD3B30CD45AC}" DurationType="Infinite"/>
			<Event Id="2840308031" Name="Dogs_Background_Barking_Stop" ObjectPath="\Events\Default Work Unit\Ambiences\2D_Global\Capital\Dogs_Background_Barking_Stop" GUID="{3D80D371-A006-47C4-A470-2FF8A2B31727}" MaxAttenuation="0.000000" DurationType="OneShot" DurationMin="0.000000" DurationMax="0.000000"/>

Deleting the two “Event Id” lines with a reference to barking removes this irritating barking (no need to remove all the <ShortName> / <Path> entries).

You may also change DurationType="Infinite" to "OneShot", but I haven’t tried.

There are other places with similar Barking_Play to remove in order to get rid of this nuisance, in total I found 3 of them. And yet another place with Dog_Barking_Interior_Friendly_Play.

Why developers would put that in just to annoy players is a mystery to me.

Never bothered me. Maybe their goal was just to put some background noise, for the feel of realism.

Am I the only one who expected that this thread was about people complaining about Wrath/KM, but was surprised that it was about Corgis?

@ Akka / redglyph: You are welcome. :slight_smile:

For information after some tinckering.

This SoundbanksInfo.xml file doesn’t affect much the sounds in the game, perhaps only the “IncludedEvents” parts. The main purpose is to map the devs original sound files when creating a bank (.bnk) file.

In order to remove a sound, it’s more complicated apparently, see Irritating dogs barking all the time

I really had to replace files stored in the .bnk files to shut up those pesky barking dogs. Maybe there’s an easier way to do it, but I haven’t found it.

I’ll continue my experiments in the threads mentioned above.

I 100% support making everything and everyone killable. I loved that about Baldurs Gate. They would not have a complaint like this if they simply had that implemented. If Baldurs Gate maked it work then surely PF can as well.

Really? That must be awesome :smiley:
I wasn’t into CRPGs back then, I hesitated to take the Enhanced Edition, but I’m pretty sure the outdated graphics, the Infinity engine and the way it finds paths, … all that would be difficult in comparison to modern games, despite the story and “aura” of BG.