Shield maze puzzle act 1 (spoiler?)

Hello I’ve started. A new play through going with wenduag. In the northern are of the map there are four gemstones on the wall that need to be pushed in a certain order to uncover a secret. I’ve been stuck for a while and can’t seem to find the clues. Can someone tell me where they are or what the password for the puzzle is?

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There are some colored paintings that corespond to 3 colors you need to push.

Uh I hate to employ thread necromancy to revive this though my need is great, as that link doesn’t work

You have colored 4 paintings on the wall near enterance in room where you fight 2 mongrels for the first time (after fight you will get dialog with Wendu/Lann), use those collors on crystals and secret door will open


Yellow Blue Red Yellow