Sharing Violation on path

I’ve been getting a “Sharing Violation” error when trying to reload saves. I create a save file, and when I try to load it up again, it gives me the sharing violation error and takes me back to the main menu. If I then try to click “Load Game”, the save file that I was trying to load has disappeared. I can find it again in the saved games folder, but with a long string of seemingly random characters attached to the end after .zks.

The error seems to occur with every kind of save - quick, auto, and manual.

The current game is installed using GOG Galaxy 2.0, but I previously tried it using 1.2 and got the same error. 2.0 seems to work slightly better, but the issue remains.

I have added the game folder and the save game folder to the exceptions on my Vipre antivirus and Ransomware Defender, but that does not seem to be making a difference. I’m out of ideas.

How long is path to the save file? Maybe it is in the read only folder?

It just happened again, and I got a screenshot of the error message:


EDIT: Although I have unchecked read-only for that folder in the past, it seems to keep coming back. I just changed the permission settings for the drive itself, maybe that will make a difference.

Update: No, nothing I’ve tried has fixed this issue. I’ve added both the game and GOG Galaxy to security exceptions, I’m running the game as an administrator, and the save path is not read-only. I’ve tried searching everywhere I can think of, and I can’t figure out what is causing this error.