Seek advice for fighter

Revenge of the big dump fighter

my history:

  • in BG1 the beginning was hard if you are not a fighter. Without heavy armor and some HP most chars will be one shotted early in the game. Wizards, clerics and druids have great spells, but in the beginning you have 2 spells per day and then you can only use your sling for the rest of the day.
  • NWN2 was my first DnD 3E game (well, 3.5). As noob I chose the default option and ended up with a human fighter. I did not understand much and quit after some time.
  • Then I played NWN2 OC/motb with a dwarf fighter/frenzied berserker/weapon master/dwarven defender with a greatsword. I finished the game but the char was underwhelming. I started chaotic good but as always I ended up being lawful good.
  • In the latest alpha of wotr I used a str based magus with reach weapons and I realized that 99% of the time I just attack.

So I thought about trying it with a char that can do nothing but swinging a huge weapon.

Class: 2 handed fighter
Race: Hungerseed tiefling (+str, +wis, -cha, + persuation and CMB)
Stats: 20, 12, 14, 10, 16, 5
background: Oblate (wis for persuation)
weapon of choice: glaive (I think this is the most frequent reach weapon)
skills: persuation and athletics, too bad perception is not a class skill

Race: Motherless tiefling sounds good with bite attack, but I do not know if bite works together with reach weapon and enlarge person.


  • Does the increased strengh bonus (100% bonus instead of 50% when using 2h weapon) work also when using cleave and its upgrades? The description mentiones only the attack and charge action.
  • Does greater power attack stack with mystic power attack and if yes, how?

difficulty: normal
party: Seelah: tank, I really like her, a paladin who is not a fanatic zealot
Woljiff: skill monkey, should survive in the front when buffed
Lann: ranged damage, I like him. Not sure if I keep him single class
Sosiel: Buff and heal bot. Dearan would be an alternative, but I end up always lawful good.
Nenio: The party does not feel right without a mage. My buff and CC bot.

I could also consider a human with the base fighter class. This would be the most default option that does not have any active abilities.

any suggestions?

The party seems balanced. A 2H weapon user is a good fit as well. Glaive is a solid weapon choice for reach, but with an arcane caster and enlarge person, you really can choose anything for flavor. I haven’t done the math in a while, but iirc, falchion’s had the highest overall damage because of the crit range (but they are quite rare). The attribute spread looks fine. Motherless is an excellent race, but it had odd interactions between bite and a 2H reach weapon. Specifically, it used to be the case early in KM that your bite attack would not be a reach attack, even when enlarged. This lead to the character constantly shuffling around in combat to be adjacent to the enemy. This was worse positioning, but also lost full attacks because of the movement. I assume it has been fixed, but I haven’t tested it myself.

Endgame, you may want to multiclassing into Barbarian 12. Most of the good 2H fighter feats are in the lvl 1-8, and pounce is exceptional. Other options to consider are: bloodrager and slayer and possibly cavalier (although I don’t think the class and archetypes are fully implemented in alpha; certainly I didnt see lances).


Great advice. I’ve found base Fighter to outshine THF. Armor Training is very good. I just built it with Glaive (you get a very good one early) and the Cleave line since you’re fighting a lot of enemies. Most resilient class on the game with Armor Training, Armed Bravery, and Solo Tactics.

I tried a character with a bite attack, and when he’s enlarged or with a reach weapon, he still tries to get close to enemies to bite. I gave up reach weapons and enlarging him.

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Just give up the bite. Unnecessary. Usually you or the mob is dead before it triggers in any case.

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Well im glad u try one of my fav roles: 2H-Fighter. Played Amiri as such in PFK till endgame and played alpha 1 &2 with my main char. Its really powerful.

Take Two-Handed Fighter to Level 7 so that every Attack get more benefits out of ST-Mod. Take points in Bloodrager to get Uncanny Dodge and have fulfilled requirement of Dragon Disciple, which u can spend 4 points to get another +4 on ST. Weapon of my choice is Falchion cause of its threat range, but any 2H is good, cause in alpha 2 later on there are a lot of really good +3 2H Weapons.As Fighter u get some more feats then usual, so u are able to take the “Carnage” Road with power attack, Cleave, Dreadful Carnage and the base shit like weapon focus. Take intimidating prowress to apply ST to your persuasion. Take Shatter defense so if enemie is feared they are flat-footed against your attacks.

Later on Level 11-13 with mythic paths u have likely 3 Attacks, highest Attack Bonus 27+, each attack over 40-50 dmg, if u one shot a lower enemie make intimidate check (at least +25) so a lot of enemies get shaken and are flat-footed (so they lose DEX to AC)

Your Strategy at the start is going around the high HP and AC Tanks straight to Mages and Archers to kill them, they have low chance of escaping from you. Later on it doesnt really matter. The only one who withstood my fighter was the last boss and that shoud tell u sth.
Keep it mind though, in Wrath there are a lot of enemies later on, who can pose a real threat with crazy AOE and CC to disable your whole team, even if u level up your paladin, he cant save u from all debuffs and CC, so i recommend if u like to play sosiel or daeran take the good shit like death ward and apply it befour combat on your fighter so he cant be CC.

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Ok, I might take default fighter.

What do you mean by solo tactics?
Its an inquisitor ability and there is no inquisitor companion.
Everyone who mostly attacks with weapons will get outflank anyway ( in case you mean the inquisitor will give this feat to all party members).

Sice a single class fighter has lost of feats I guess I can take the tiefling instead of human to maximize persuation. Not just to intimidate, its good if the main char can talk well in general as there is some dialogue where companions cannot help you.

It’s an Advanced Weapon Training Feat, same as the Inquisitor ability. Can use it to get Seize the Moment, Back to Back or what have you.

I will remain single class fighter, that the whole point of it.

Fighting demons unbuffed is suicide in any case. Of course you use death ward, cummunal delay poison and (name forgotten, I think somethink blocks fear effects completely). Confusion/domination from enemies could be the biggest problem.
Plus all the other buffs that raise your AB, AC, saves and damage.

My 2 hand fighter is using the +4 Falchion from a late dungeon. With improved critical and mythic improved critical, it goes from 18-20 x2 to 15-20 x3. You will be criting a lot, and with Enlarge Person you will have reach.
I recommend you to choose the Mutation Warrior Archetype when it becomes available, you lose Armor Training but gain Mutagen.
Hellknight is a strong multiclass in this game. Smite Chaos, Armor Training, Force of Will and Fearsomeness will help you a lot.

And for Mythic Path, I suggest Angel. They have a lot of buffs that will raise your dmg.

And I recommend the Mendevian Orphan for Background, so you have a +1 save against demons.

I stay single class fighter.
You get tons of feats and weapon training, plus weapon specialisation which works against every enemy.

Smite seems useless on a char with minimum cha possible and comming from a prestige class that can only have 10 levels. Overcoming DR is not a problem too and you get resistances from communal energy immunity (sorry, forgot the exact name).
Having permanently an axiomatic weapon is nice, but not worth 10 levels.

I agree with Desiderius that single class chars are better in general. Of course there are some exceptions, but not when I wanted to make a single class fighter to begin with.


I didn’t see you wanted a single class, still the rest is valid. Mutation Warrior still better for what you want when it is implemented.

Yes, It’s called Fighter’s Tactics, it’s a Fighter Advanced Weapon Training Feat. You can get it while staying single class. Likewise Armed Bravery helps shore up your Will saves.

No, splashing Vivi on Fighter delays your development for the whole game and is unnecessary. Seems great at the time but quickly pales in comparison to other options.

Hellknight is fun thematically bit unfortunately at this point isn’t pulling its weight in comparison to just letting your main class snowball.

Mutation Warrior does not need splash, it gets Mutagen at lvl 3 o.O

Edit: I think you don’t know that the last Archetype for Fighter is going to be Mutation Warrior.
It loses Armor Training but gain Mutagen.

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Nice, I’ll have to check that out!

I disagree with this part.
You can get Smite Chaos to get more dmg.
Going full Intimidation feats let you use Fearsomeness, it is like the Thug Frightening.
More Will against Compulsion and Fear is good, and it stacks with Armed Bravery.
Onslaught give you a +4 Str and Speed.

I like going HK better than staying pure Fighter, but I know it a question of what you like more.

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What’s the source for this btw? I’ve seen it posted on the forums before, but have never located anything official.

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I’ll make sure to test it then.

Those all sound good. I could very well be wrong.