Secret ending a bit too secret (spoilers)

Okay. I’m guilty of not knowing my Golarian months but I disappointed to find I had been locked out of the secret ending because I didn’t enter on the right date. It seems that once you research the documents you, the player, (me the rabbit) should be told about the dates.

So you toon knows the date but the person at the keyboard does not? That doesn’t seem right.

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I noticed that, too, in reading up about the game randomly. I was late-game myself at the time and realized I had done the research but never seen anything about any particular date. I also ended up with a ‘device’ at Threshold but no idea what it did. I activated it anyway, but still have no idea what it did.

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You can’t really reach the secret ending without heavy metagaming by following a Guide, which wouldn’t have been possible without lots of datamining.

absolutely , only accidenttly giving the queen one part of a book blocks it appearently.
Also Deskari in the Treshhold would not drop a crystal after beeing hit with midnight bolt.

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Good point – there’s no way my chaotic good character would give up that holy relic to the queen if I didn’t already know that she would need it to survive – but most of it is there without the guide. Indeed the plot twist all relies on you understanding the motivations of Vorlesh. You are told you need to race to Pulara Falls, you get the research, and the research says (to you) “the research has been completed” or somesuch.

Nothing else. No big binder on the research. No pop up window. Just that the research has been done. This has to be a big or a consequence of rushing this game out before completion.

We should be told what the research says, that the wound is at its weakest point on these date and this device will do xyz.

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According to one guide a saw the first decision, whether you want a crossbow or a HP spell buff can affect the ending. How the fuck could you possibly think that choice could make a difference?

So many random decisions that make no sense, even in retrospect affect things. Even following a guide it’s easy to screw it up from a mistake made 3 acts ago. I understand that this isn’t something that should be obvious on a first play through, but even on a second one this stuff feels desperately random. Great game over all, but things like are disappointing and leave a bad taste in my mouth.

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Oh man. I failed secret ending yesterday due to not finding ghost of Hep… whatever daughter of Baphomet in the labirynth. How the heck are you supposed to do that without a guide? How are you to know you should return to a location where nothing happened after particular trigger (defeating the Herald)? Or was there a hint and I missed it?

Imo, the difficulty of this ending hinges on two aspects:

  1. It is not tracked by your journal. This “change of rules” makes it counterintuitive. It also punishes players like me who play 2-3 days a week and kind of forget details after 4-5 day gap.
  2. You are not given sufficient information. You are doing all that research edicts, but it’s not as if you get any specific information or clues out of them - something that could hint at the next steps to take. There is no immediate benefit from doing them, so why do them except for the sake of the ending you do not even know exist.
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Here’s the latest distillation of the (overly) secret ending.

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I mean, it is called a ‘secret ending’, so I guess it being tracked by the journal would really make it not a secret. But at the same time, I feel like disassembling the program entities and datamining them is a little bit too secret.

Dude, some things in this secret ending do not make logical sense. You do not know why you are researching all those projects for, you do not get any information. It only makes sense if you follow the guide. Sure, Journal should not spill the beans on what exactly is needed, but it should contain information on possible avenues to investigate and what you already have to get the full picture

Like, you get the Lexicon of Paradox book - why can’t it trigger quest about learning more about the worldwound and how to weaken it? I would have done this quest just to learn the lore of the game, and as an added bonus it would turn out it is a component for secret ending. Instead you finish the skill checks and this thing just rests stashed in your inventory, forever.

Yeah, the ‘secret’ makes it a fun in that it’s there to be discovered. But it’s not really ‘secret’ in that the game encourages you to find certain documents and to devote considerable resources researching them. And the ‘secret’ ending is just you uncovering the plot of the antagonist and deciding to go along with it.

The date should be revealed. And perhaps one of the astronomers could explain what the green glowing altar / weapon / star alignment thingy does.

There are plenty of hints in-game that closing the Worldwound isn’t a simple procedure. We’re told multiple times, and it’s available in a lot of books, that all attempts to close the portals have failed and that normal magics to do so aren’t sufficient. We’re told at one point that capturing Iz, where the portal was opened, may shed SOME light on how to close the Worldwound for good, but even that is no guarantee. The idea of researching the notes of Pulura, that were studying the Wordlwound, makes perfect sense. The idea of researching Areelu’s notes on it make perfect sense. The idea of researching the crystals that give you your power makes perfect sense.

The fact that NONE of those actually TELL you anything, and especially that you’re REQUIRED to use results from one of them (the date), makes no sense whatsoever. A GOOD secret ending would have told you:
The Worldwound is weakest on certain days.
The Worldwound is tied to souls, but enough power could separate that tie without destroying the souls
The Nahyndrian Crystals and their power can be separated from the Abyss that spawned them
Enough fresh Nahyndrian Crystals (5) can combine into one larger and MUCH more powerful one

And the PLAYER should be required to figure out that: If I enter in those days when it’s weakest, with enough crystals to combine into enough power, I can separate our souls from the Worldwound itself, collapsing the worldwound and saving us all. Leave it to Areelu to add in taking up the realms of the abyss.

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Yeah, I agree. Sure, secret ending should not have quest compass attached to it, but it should make logical sense and one thing should lead to another. I failed it because I failed to find Baphomet’s daughter ghost in his Labirynth. That was so annoying words escape me.

But I do maintain that progress should be tracked somewhere and collected - for a simple reason - not everyone can maintain the level of focus required to make sense of it. I play 3 days a weak - it’s natural that details escape me. I literally start my playthrough from scanning the journal for stuff to do.Granted, it should not tell you what to do, but what you have done so far and if there are avenues needed to investigate

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I also think finding Hepzimirah’s ghost to learn that a high priest can summon a demon lord, when you literally saw her summon him, is a little too harsh a requirement from a logical perspective.