Season Pass & Post-Release Content

Dear Pathfinders!

As many of you have noticed, the Imperial Edition in our new pre-orders on Steam and GoG contains a season pass. We have received many questions and comments about this from you, so let us address the most urgent ones, starting with the nature of the DLC contained in the season pass.

After the end of our crowdfunding campaign, many of you have sent us requests for additional races, classes and other content and features to be added as DLC after release. So we are going to work on some additional content post-release to make the game even bigger and better and to add even more to the experience! This is going to be funded, you guessed it, with the help of the season pass. No content is cut from the base game for this! Pathfinder: Kingmaker will release with all the content, all the races, classes, story chapters, absolutely everything we promised during our Kickstarter campaign. You get the full game, as promised.

Over the coming months after release, we are going to release several DLC packs. The first three of these DLC packs will be in the first season pass. You will also be able to buy each DLC on its own when it releases. We will release more information about the contents and estimated release dates of each DLC at a later date. Don’t worry, all will be revealed before the release of Pathfinder: Kingmaker!

As for the pricing, our Imperial Edition has everything contained in the Royal Edition, as well as the season pass. Because of that, it costs $15 more than the Royal Edition. The season pass is going to contain about $40 worth of DLC. Those of you not interested in the Imperial Edition will be able to purchase a standalone season pass when we get a little closer to release. As mentioned before, each DLC will also be available for purchase on its own.

One more thing: we are giving the first season pass to every backer, who pledged $95 or more for our beta tiers on Kickstarter or $110 on our crowdfunding-preorders for free as a thank you for helping us beta-test our early builds! So if you’re one of our beta supporters, there’s no need for you to buy the season pass - you’ll be getting it from us, free of charge!

Hail to the Kings!


You can also read about this on Kickstarter

Thank you generous hosts!!!

great news i would love it more if you could add political marriage in a dlc game of thrones style

I look forward to this

I will pickup the season pass at some point I am sure. :slight_smile:

I mean to the devs, this game has a 20/10 story even as broken as the quests are right now. keep up the hard work on fixing and even Expanding the game in everyway, races classes companions story items ect. it very well has the possibility to be the next baldurs gate masterpiece. this message it meant to be morale boost for the devs and a honest opinion from a fan of the game.

Any details on this yet?

Nope. They’re focusing on fixing bugs right now, they said everything else will come after. We’ll probably have more news in November.

Actually we DO have some update / more info for this:
[i]kotarsis Collaborator 1 day ago

  • Edition Upgrade: yes, this is a feature that we are going to implement in the nearest future! We’ll start working on it as soon as we are sure that we have fixed enough bugs and polished the game to a state where we can divert some attention to other matters.[/i]

So we can (hopefully) update for Imperial Edition soon! (And before anyone ask, yes I do have Royal Edition currently and yes Season Pass should become at sale at it own allso, but time will tell will it be come cheaper to upgrade Royal to Imperial or just buy Season Pass in it own)

Edit: and info is taken from: (posts)

I stand slightly corrected. Thanks, Pathfinder… :wink:

Thanks but as i got top tier im more interested in what the DLC will be? Yes i know they are bug fixing must they must have at least thought about it, they said we would have full info before the game was released.

im honestly quite disappointed with this all these wonderful ideas suggestions and easy grabs for great ideas and only 1 was acted upon? the tiefling one dlc actually adds to the game the other two are completely worthless. I’m tempted just to get a season pass refund and just buy the only good dlc. shame on you owlcat I expected better.

First one was kinda expected and I am fine with new NPC’s and kineticist class.

That second one looks REALLY interesting. Lets see how many choices get transfered into the main campaign from that.

[SPOILER]I always thought that Varnhold came a bit to small in what happened before “the event” so a pre-Varnhold campaign actually sounds like an unexpected interesting take. I always wanted to save some, build shelters or hideouts just for the later event and to redeem my good soul. :D[/SPOILER]

And as for an “endless” dungeons mehh they are alright. They usally are just a cash/loot grab thats hardly interesting, but the CAN be made interesting. Pillars 1 did that with the giant adra-statue around the whole dungeon and lots of ideas and lore.
If Owlcat can pull af a dungeon like that I wouldn’t complain. An endless dungeon is after all a perfect opportunity to implement random scrapped ideas and their mechanics. So I hope apart from the dungeon itself we get some nice new mechanics like ashstorms, new effects, enemies and whatever additions for the campaign as well.

Can’t understand how you’re disappointed to to the point of wanting to shame owlcat. Getting a new much desired race and entirely new class with unique abilities, the Kineticist is so functionally different from any other class in the game, it’s much different than if we’d gotten something like an Oracle or Witch (which I still want, but are effectively Cleric+ and Wizard+, for example). And that all comes together in a new fleshed out companion! Then a chance to see what was going on in Varnhold, getting a chance to influence the story outside of your own kingdom is a really unique idea. And finally a procedurally generated megadungeon will help add a ton of variety and further replayability to the game.

Sure I want all the classes and races implemented, but these things take time, and rather than Owlcat just throwing them together and dumping them on us with no addition to the game, they’re actually putting the time in to make their new content add more variety to the game than just “here’s a new class that’s barely functionally any different from the already existing classes.”

Excellent DLC content coming; I bought the Season Pass now after seeing when/what is coming. I’m well hyped.

That said; I hope they add more feats in a DLC too.

Great news! So does that mean we won’t get any DLC classes, races, characters etc. in DLC 2 & 3?

I read “A new game mode” and right away I though “turn based combat!! :o” … my hopes were quickly smashed :smiley:

Honestly, Kineticists wasn’t my first choice but they do fit the campaign and are fairly unique so I am not complaining.


Love to see some “Custom” Dungeon to explore in the campaign not related to the story!!!

Love to see some new spell and 2/3 NPC with their story … In the DLC 2 … maybe a new Wizard/Sorceros NPC … :smiley:


I’m happy to see that the first DLC includes a new companion and a class, which is instantly available to current campaigns too. The kineticist is somewhat a suprise instead of more popular demands (like witch and oracle), but I really can’t wait to try it, as it is a class I never played in tabletop. I wonder if the companion will be availabe as a Warden advisor, as the class main stat is Con.

That said, the Varnhold DLC is what interest me the most, especially how this “import the results” feature will work combined with the main game. I hope this also means a fully playable Maegarn companion in the main campaign. (which would also mean, he is easier to improve as an advisor). I wonder who will be the party members in the mini-campaign, and if they appear in the main game too in some capacity? Questions all around… can’t wait!

Random endless dungeon don’t interest me at all at this point. First, random dungeons always feel flat compared to hand-designed ones. Also, if it is endless, then I don’t see a goal either. If it is included in the main campaign (as suggested by the description) it can be a nice source for additional loot at least.

Overall, I’m mostly happy with the additions. That said, I would gladly replace the dungeon addon with a witch class/companion or a Hellknight themed DLC. I really hope we will get an improved (less boring/pointless) kingdom DLC sometime in the future.