Screen freeze when in inventory/menu

Platform: PC, (from GOG)

Do you have any mods? No mods

Please explain the issue is in as much detail as possible: Basically every time I go into my inventory screen there is a 15% chance that the screen will become static, it appears that the game is still running but I can’t play anymore.

It should be noted that my laptop only meets the minimum spec requirements, its just a potato so I play with low graphics.

Try to update your graphic card driver

That fixed it!

I tried to use the device manager to update my Intel graphic drive but it informed me that I was already up to date. I was sceptical so I got the Intel Driver and Support Assistant, (whatever that is) and that gave me some updates.

I’ve played the game for a while now with no issues, even with me spamming the “i” so much that the characters start T-posing.

Problem solved.


Wait a minute, I just had another another screen freeze, albeit admittedly after a big bout of gaming.

Is there anything else that I can do?

Try the graphic setting ‘‘fullscreen borderless window’’

Done, is that all the advice?

The most common reasons for the game to freeze are

  • Overclocked CPU
  • The fullscreen setting
  • Graphic driver

After that, it become lot harder to find the cause… You could try to limit the frame rate, but sadly i don’t know how to do that… i’m just a regular user.