Saving problem with crossblood sorcerer

My spell book broke when I saved with metamagic spell in it. I had empowered snowball (did seem to be empowered when cast) and empowered burning hands - cold. Ranged snowball, flamestike - cold in as well, they were working. After I saved and exited when I load the game again I can’t access my spell book and my two short cut bars on the left of screen are gone. also the spell tab won’t open any more.

Known issue. TL:DR metamagic is currently bugged.

I think that it somewhat fixes on level up, but that page with the metamagic spell might still be messed up. Other’s can confirm this part as I didn’t test it.

I had this problem it only got worse and started to corrupt other saves - eventually I started again with the same character with the difficulty turned all the way down and ran through the game until I got back to where I was and turned the difficulty back to how I like it.

If you have the bug I would say reload before you have any metamagic spells made and delete all future saves - but hopefully you will not have the same extreme issues I had and so won’t be needed.

Exactly this.
Spontanious casters are in clear. But classes that need to memorize spells, can no longer memorize spells in that spell level.

Thank you. I find that rather annoying since the only way to boost the damage of spells is with metamagic once they are maxed out. already Seela and Lann are doing as much if not more damage that my sorcerer, who should be my artillery (limited shots but strong hits).