Save file size and save\load time

My save archive file size is 350 mb now. When i open archive i can see file player.json over 1 Gb and party.json over 1 Gb. So in game save\load time is over 5 min. How it can be fixed?Screenshot_1

16 gb memory
gtx 1070
ssd samsung 960evo m.2

I have no idea why party.json and player.json are so large but the rest is likely due to there being a ton of items laying around in the areas you’ve visited. To get rid of them, you should download the Cleaner mod, make sure you’ve collected all the items you want before leaving an area, and then use the mod to delete all the other items that are laying around. It’ll be a pain in the ass but you should also go to areas you’ve previously visited and use the mod to delete the items there as well. You should also download the Better Vendors mod which allows you to mark items in your inventory as ‘Trash’ so that they automatically get sold whenever you enter your Court Room. The items get “sold” but in reality they’re just deleted from the game and you’re given gold equal to their value that way they’re not clogging up your vendors’ inventory.

Another thing you could do is download the Bag of Tricks mod, give yourself enough money to buy back all the stuff you’ve previously sold to vendors, delete them from the game, and then return your gold to the amount it was before.

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Thanks for the answer. I used mod to craft items, your words made me think that the problem was in it. So it was. I deleted all the items created by the mod and the problem is gone.
Once again, many thanks for the help.