Romance, do it right

Be the first and do it right.

  • Add romance related quests
  • No fade in black climaxes that end everything romance related after that. (Bioware romance)
  • No dialogue choices that fail the romance 20 hours down the road. Or at least add a chance to right the wrong. (Pathfinder Kingmaker)
  • No lazy ending slides that do not mention anything about the romance. (Fallout)
  • No theme park romance (Fallout)
  • Make romance optional
  • Add jealous character who wants you no matter what

    Others can point out more things that make romance in video game feel like a flat pancake.

Other suggestions:

-No half finished romances (Neverwinter Nights 2)

  • No situations where player only has a single choice (Planescape Torment, also Neverwinter Nights 2)
    -Make others in the party aware of the romance occurring (Bioware)
    -Make it clear you are in a relationship if you take this step (Several games use pop-ups)
    -Do not make romance a unconscious choice (Dragon Age 2)
    -If you are going to fade to black, then fade to black properly (Divinity Original Sin 2)

Add arguments post-romance. Everything is not always perfect in a couple even after they become one… :yum:


Also marriage, preparing for the ceremony and paying to get married. Leading to getting kids and pay alimony, as well as for their tutoring. And if you’re selecting a wrong dialogue choice you also have to pay for the divorce as well. :stuck_out_tongue:


And lovers. I mean, when you’re married, you HAVE to get lovers, especially with all the Inccubi and succubi around… You’d get insane otherwise.

But I’m trolling now, the OP’s idea are nice overall, even though I think some of them would take too much work from the devs for something that is optional and not a priority when the world is about to get invaded by demons (although I like romances in RPGs).

I agree with all your points, but I would not hold my breath, as I presume they already have a solid grasp on what they want to do with romances and it’s doubtful they would or could even expand on those ideas. Maybe if it was a stretch goal or something, I could see it happening but just like this it is just wishful thinking.

I presume we could not get @Mortheim to give us an idea if that would be even possible at this point in development?
I would be rather interested honestly about the plausibility of adding something like more expanded romances or other “fluff” mechanics in the middle of the development. :slight_smile:

I think the biggest challenge to expanding romances at this stage would simply be the script. Romances don’t really have game mechanics so it’s all down to scripts and how much dialogue you can devote to the romance in one way or another. I do think a lot of the points given such as including the results of your romance in the ending slide and making it clear that you’re in a relationship can be added relatively late in development, but it still is a matter of deciding the amount of time and resources they can devote.

The biggest thing I want from romances though is for the romance to be felt throughout the game in some form. It doesn’t have to come up constantly, but opportunities to have it be mentioned that my character is in a romance, to have other characters remark upon it, be able to have dialogue with my love interest that reflects the relationship, that sort of thing.


Romance what kind of heresy is this? As crusaders it’s your holy duty to fight, kill and die for God who loves you more than any woman!

Anyway I want to be able to flirt with people and and add some one night stands.

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I concur, but you have to take into account the scale and amount of resources they have planned when they were designing the romanceable characters.

If you want to make a believable, complex character with a satisfying romance/relationship they will have to other characters and mainly to the player, I doubt you can treat romance as some sort of modular part of the character in question. So the romance itself has to be taken into account in regards to other characters, player’s class, race etc. As well as to the entire story and all of the story arc’s present in the game.

Otherwise, you will end up with characters that will have certain level of disconnect between the story, their thoughts/feelings towards the main character and the romance itself.

My point being that if you want a meaningful romance, that is also mirrored into the game and story itself, as well on other characters, you need to think about that from the start and not treat it as a modular part of the affected characters.

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My only request to the devs regarding romances would be not to tie very much, if any, XP to the romances, so I don’t feel I have to do one to keep up with the game’s leveling curve.

Based on the AMA, they are doing the same amount of content as Pathfinder “roughly”, there was a strech goal that added another romance option but not more content.

That being said, they also mentioned they are not focused on DLC. They did this last time, but the sheer volume of people posting about DLC again and again over a year made them cave and state DLC was coming. I can only hope if we keep pushing them, and showing them romance is something we want, maybe they will be inclined to add just a little bit more.

As much as I like romance, I would not buy a DLC just for the romance, myself.

Instead of writing a whole book i just want to point out THE Game-Trilogy, which made EVERYTHING amazing regarding Romance- MASS EFFECT.

Great plausible Dialogues, Reaction from other companions, Unique and specific to each member

Just a reminder :smiley:

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Even some NPCs had some romance (Engineers Connelly and Daniels, who you might surprise below deck in ME3).
But I would not agree that everything was amazing, especially at first. However, they indeniably improved over each game.

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Agreed ~ I don’t know if any of you played at least once a FemShep but some of her pick-up lines were just terrible. Like with Thane just finishing up his story about how his wife died and literally, your next answer to activate his romance is “I WANT YOU, THANE”. It felt very… awkward. Same for Garrus.

Just curious on this one ~ What would you suggest to replace that mechanic inside an isometric game ?

… if you want, any animation. isometrtic animation for casting spells exist. Lovemaking is more natural than spell casting.

My only wish is: just make something good with not 1 or 2 remanceable by anyone.

if anyone can get “that” NPC, then it’s not worth the try.

Some mod for BG2 had one NPC you could romance which was significantly more difficult to succeed to romance than all the other ones. It made you work for it, but then it was fun because you tried so much and maybe succeeded.

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Well truth to be told i played only as MaleShep. Im not really good with genderbender. So its maybe a one-sided argument, but i stay behind my Fav. After 15 years of playing video games i cant remember one game, which comes close to it.

I find that catering to the romance crowd, beyond adding them, is not worth it. The group itself is far to diverse in what it wants and seems to be a lot more against certain other things.

For example you have people who ONLY want straight romances and freak out at the thought of bi-sexual/gay characters. Then there are those who get upset with player-sexual (they don’t have a sexuality preference just interested in the PC regardless of gender) characters. There’s even groups who get upset with how X romance is portrayed because it’s too stereotypical or unrealistic. Then if you add in the whole, as OP said, not liking the fade to black you up your ESRB rating and alienate people like myself who find watching “intimate gestures” extremely uncomfortable.

All in all be happy with what you get because its an absolute mess to write romances and really isn’t worth it. I also really don’t want to see this community become like bioware’s fanbase in regards to romance. If I wanted a rpg with “strong” romance story in it I would go with bioware’s Mass Effect or Dragon Age not pathfinder and I 100% do not want that to change.

To be fair, all the issues you mentioned can be easily fixed by adding a few options in the game’s settings.
Do not want any flirting/romance-like dialogues? Turn them off, so they do not play or such options get removes from the player’s reactions.
Do not want any options to appear for flirting with same sex characters? Turn them off.
Do not want any loving/sexual graphical interactions? Turn them off so that the game fades into black.

All that would require is tagging certain dialogue options (which they definitely do with such an elaborate dialogue system) and you fix nearly all of your issues.

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This isn’t an issue for me or most people but an issue with catering to a small crowd that’s rather vitriolic in what it wants. You spend all these man hours on pleasing a few people to alienate others and for what? Just adding romances in is enough to garner interests but listening to the vocal minority is ultimately a bad idea PR and resource wise. You have to remember that games are being sold across the world to vastly different cultural markets. What flies in the US doesn’t fly in Russia. Whats okay in Japan is not well received in America. All that work is just not worth it.