Rogue with no class skill in stealth

No Stealth

I’m probably just missing something. But Rowdy has it listed as a class skill, and I’ve never heard of anything taking it away…

Huh, good catch. They are definitely supposed to have Stealth as a class skill.

Also noticed that it has no class skill in Knowledge : World like it should, or Use Magic Device like it should.

This doesn’t help you know, but this looks like an easy fix that I’m sure that they will have in place by release.

Now I’m just looking into this archetype since I’ve never considered it before :sweat_smile:

Holy poop, so drop finesse training for all 3 vital strike feats and +1d6 precision dmg per level (+2d6 / 2 levels). So you’re only taking a single attack, but by level 20 it’s (4x weapon dmg + 20d6 precision + 10d6 sneak) :sweat_smile: so 34-204 base sneak attack with a short sword. That will punch through some DR.

I got the game today and it’s the first one that popped for me. With Farmhand, you get Scythe as a weapon as well.

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Did they patch it in a recent update? At one point the additional precision damage on Vital Strike wasn’t working.

Given the text at the beginning of the class description, the class skill list is maybe wrong when it comes to stealth.

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Since it is an entirely custom archetype, we can only speculate at this point. That being said;
-It removed Stealth, Kn (World), and UMD, but not Trickery
-Also looks like there are only 3 skill points per level compared to 5 in base rogue

This is still a bug because the description doesn’t match the mechanics, but we’ll have to wait and see which is changing.

Here’s to hope they get all these bugs fixed till september.

The metamagic feats, not working mythic abilities, and class abilities/archetypes/bloodlines is a lot to cover.