Rogue - Master of All - Bug

Ok this one I’m fairly certain about. The Master of All Rogue gets Bardic Knowledge at Level 1, specifying that they gain 1/2 level min 1 to all knowledge checks. At level 4, I have only +1 to each of the 4 knowledge skills from Bardic Knowledge. The Trapfinding Ability granting the same bonus to Perception does appear to work however.

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I have heard this a few times, so it sounds like a known bug. I’m hoping that it will be fixed in the next release (Beta or final?) because I’m wanting to run this as my main.

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Ok, I only jump on here when I see something in my own game. I probably ought to check up more so I’m not creating duplicate posts hah

I think that I’ve just seen it talked about in a bunch of random places. It’s always good to make a bug report as more data is always better on bugs, especially during a Beta.