Ripped off by scam strategy guide

I love this game, played well over 1000 hours. I wanted a strategy guide to read, for fun, and for little things I may have missed. I prefer physical books, I’m old that way. I went searching on Amazon and found one. What I got was pure fraud. The seller’s website is I just want to warn my fellow fans, and let the developer know this is going on.

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Just out of curiosity what is in the guide?

Did they pull of Neutral evil/lawful evil and contained what they promised in description of the product just in underwhelming amount as attempt of delivering on their word or shielding themselves form consequences, or simply like a chaotic scoundrels they didn’t even bother with that?

Thank you for this information! We will look into this.

"What You’ll Discover Inside:

– How to Download & Install the Game.
– Professional Tips and Strategies.
– Combat.
– Characters.

– Secrets, Tips, Unlockables, and Tricks Used By Pro Players!
– How to Get Tons of Resources.

Did you learn how to download and install the game?

I’m curious what kind of tips and secrets they offered inside. It’s probably low effort stuff they copy and pasted from common Internet sites.

No doubt… though stuff like this can only exist when there is a gap in the market. Best solution? Plug it! :wink:

Was this an April Fool joke?