Rework the skill/hotbar

Hello! I am currently playing through Kingmaker for the first time and I absolutely love it. That said, one thing I’d really like to see changed for WotR is the skill bar/hotbar. I find the current system to be cumbersome and annoying. While there are options to automatically add things to the bar, I don’t think that’s a great system either and it doesn’t solve the problems I have. Whenever a character gains new spells or abilities or items, I find myself having to reorganize the bar over and over again. (Not to mention that there’s currently a bug in Kingmaker which occasionally erases the entire bar for characters randomly.) Items are not restocked on the bar once I use them and the overall organization is very confusing due to its constantly changing nature. It’s not logically laid out and puts too much onus on the player to be on top of organizing it themselves.

I would propose instead to either move to a system like the original Baldur’s Gate games (fixed hotbar that is automatically organized into spells, abilities, and items – no micromanagement required) or a ring system like Neverwinter Nights (breaks down common actions into sub groups, is automatically organized – no micromanagement required) and then still have a hotbar or a set of shortcuts for favorite spells and abilities instead of stuffing it with everything. I can see a NWN type system working well with a controller too. Maybe press Y to open the menu, navigate with the analog sticks and press A to either drill down into sub-menus or cast/use the spell/item/ability you want. Kinda like Secret of Mana too, I guess.

I hope that makes sense. IMO this would make skill management much cleaner and easier for players.

Good luck with WotR!



I think DOS2 which was praised to high heavens by basically everyone had a very similar system. Every new spell, ability, item would appear on your ability bar. There was an option to disable this automation though.

I would add spells origin tab, so that Cleric + Wizard=Mystic Theur. will have 2 different tabs or add it as filter.

Yes, and it drove me nuts in that game too!

I just want something that’s easy to navigate, is automatically organized, is logically laid out, groups things by category, and has the ability to tag favorites. :slightly_smiling_face:

I just started the alpha. I see three new buttons above the bar versus Kingmaker’s UI: Spellbook, Ability, and Belt. Nice! I’ll have to see how it feels at higher levels with more spells and whatnot, but this could potentially solve all my gripes. :+1:

Those buttons were always there, at least in PC (only with keyboard) version.

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Oh wow! Thanks for pointing that out!

I’ve been playing with a controller on PC the whole time and I’ve never seen those buttons or a way to access them. Please tell me I’m blind and there’s a way to use them with a controller (my vastly preferred way to play any game)?

The spell book even sorts spells by level! :heart:

From what I saw UI for controller is completely different, so probably no.