Review so far (6.3a)

Hi there,

Currently in act 3 (Drezen is taken, Dragon is defeated, Succubus Waifu aquired), as a straight Bloodrager (you get a lot of bonus feats if you chose the second bloodline option, I am thinking that having 2 capstones at level 20 will probably beat four levels in Dragon disciple, definitly a build with much room for optimization in terms of which bloodlines you take, not sure if “you get the capstone for a mythic ability” which exists for sorceror, will also be implemented for bloodrager) Azata.

Stuff I would like as a beta tester:
–A big known issues/acknowledged issues list. For example, I do not know the degree to which storyteller stuff is implemented. I have second piece of terendelev, and something that should aid towards upgrading talking sword, but neither option seems to work.

–I do software development myself, you are propably having someone who just goes through bug reports in order to ascertain if these are new or already known bugs. I think you could outsource a bit of that to the beta testers and thus free up actual developers to do actual development/bug fixing.

General thoughts:
–I overall like it a lot. Combat is relatively fun, ability to turn on turn based for complex encounters is big.
If one encounters freezing, turn turn based off and then on again, this fixes it for me.

–I went with what I would say intermediate level of munchkining. Specced Lann into Druid in order to aquire the services of Trippy Son of Tripnir the tripping mythic boon companion Smilodon. Because one tripping smilodon is not enough, I got another one from Seelah, and basically having them bumrush and chain trip casters/archers/Glabrezus whatever works pretty well.
Party is melee bloodragers main, Seelah, Camelia for rouge purposes, Lann, Daeran for healing, Nenio for arcane casting. I got aivu and am now swapping out Lann for Sucubus Waifu in order to reduce clutter somewhat.

–Difficulty feels spikey. Probably not avoidable.
In terms of number of reloads needed, So far its Chorussina on place 1 with 4 reloads (until I figured out that sneaking in, and alpha nuking the all the cultists is the way to go), dragon took 2 reload as well. I am playing on normal difficulty. Fight that felt too easy was the confrontation with Minago when taking Drezen. I think the quirky miniboss squad needs a bit of a boost.
As a suggestion, there is a challenge rating system in pathfinder core. It could probably be applied to the party as well. Have one unusually wise partner be like “I have a bad feeling about this” when you enter a place you perhaps should not be in? Will likely reduce “GAME SUCKS I GOT KILLED!” threads.
Another thing is that rewards for very hard fights often appear to be somehat lackluster. Turn mode is kind of like “reduce difficulty by 1 or 2 levels” without feeling like a wimp for reducing difficulty :).

–Some beforehand information which types of items are needed as reagents for story teller would be nice. Ideally, also make them (and radiance) glow in the UI somewhat. I fixed my perpetual dread of accidentally selling radiance because it looks like a longsword by putting it in Selahs inventory, but its really easy to sell a magic essense by random mistake. As mutliple vendors become unavailable, it isnt always possible to buy this stuff back.

–Crusade stuff feels pretty easy so far. For some reason, I was starting with 4 digit scores in several kingdom attributes. I would like to know many things, such as how infirmary size is actually calculated etc. A troop upgrade tree and a building tree would also be interesting. Lastly, being able to see troops stats out of battle would be very beneficial. I just have a big doomstack of things, which receive reinforcements when needed, and smashes most things without trouble. Absolute key to battles is to hit things before they hit you.

The game is very fun overall, Eagerly awaiting further updates! :slight_smile:

  • Storyteller is fully implemented, but he is on/off available. Since he plays a part in act 4, you can meet him there. I didn’t have the essences when I did…
  • Minago is a story device, no point in boosting her :slight_smile:
  • Radiance changes it’s appearance once you get the upgrade to +4.
  • Storyteller needs only magic essences, it is not a repeat from Kingmaker.
  • The crusade part is there for the story I think. They could have gone with “your army advanced on Drezen”, but I believe they wanted to keep this little strategy part, but not a full-fledged kingdom. Since there has to be some more of it in chapter 5 I think you will need your troops again. Or what the queen left of them.

Story teller also needs cold iron and demonic hearts for some stuff.

Storyteller item upgrade requirements are in the quest journal too

What I do find unthematic is the following:

1: If you are playing it mostly blind, you simply dont have a way of knowing what enemy is dangerous.
One example are Babau infiltrators. They look like a normal Babau, but they can teleport, so you would think that they are a threat to casters and ranged heroes. Well, wrong. One such Babau was completely able to 100 to zero my main character (Bloodrager low AC of 30ish due to raging) because 5 attacks, which all hit, and hitting for +32 damage (no sneak attack or anything) on each of its 5 attacks. He apparently ignores displacement and mirror image as well.
It is kind of fine if he was a named character, but it feels really spikey if he is just a random mook. This mook did cause a long reload (didnt safe for quite some time before that) because he just proceeded to casually kill one party member per turn, and my martial characters (who would be quite capable of hitting a AC 36 target in theory) just didnt hit it in practice, and were killed at a rate of one per turn by it.

2: Like, I can deal with that, by knowing that this guy and not the much bigger and scarier looking Kalavaku (who also has a much higher CR rating) is the problem, would it be possible to display the challenge rating somehow?

Babau have all sneak attack, it is kinda their signature damage. Btw, how do you know that the kalavaku has a higher CR, if you cannot see the babau’s? :slight_smile:
Anyway, the babau was an advanced type, hence infiltrator. The additional name or adjective is your cue that you face an advanced or templated mob, which is very far removed from the basic version in the Bestiary. In this game, you meet also mythic versions of them. I don’t recall where you see the CR, but maybe it was only on a high enough lore roll. Usually the type suffices anyway, like outsider 12/barbarian 6, the wall of text for the specials was too much to read for each mob. Usually only higher type demons have true seeing (e.g. mariliths), but maybe that is part of their template for advanced demons?
I don’t know where you met your babau, but there are stronger mobs ahead. Demons have been beefed up a bit to give a challenge, else we would faceroll them with our mythic abilities.