Remove the Fatigue System

I’m a recent player of Pathfinder: Kingmaker. Overall, I am really enjoying the game. The only feature I am unhappy with is fatigue. It’s very irritating having to frequently pause the advancement of the story or action because my characters are tired. I understand some developers feel the need to include an air of realism, but I don’t play fantasy games because I want to be reminded of reality. Enforced resting, needing to maintain your gear because it wears down, or having to lug around rations because your characters get hungry all detract from the actual good parts of the game. Resting to regain health is fine and a useful feature in an RPG. But please, stop making us rest because the characters traveled too far or too long.


You’re not alone, I like fatigue too.
Additionally, fatigue is deeply woven into the Pathfinder rules as much more than a role playing/realism mechanic. There are ways of forcing fatigue onto your enemies through both feats and spells. It’s a great tactic to take down “ferocious” animals and raging opponents. Exhausting Critical on a raging 12+ level barbarian? From a practical sense it’s similar to a permanent -12 penalty to Str and -6 to Con, with no save.

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i like the fatigue system too
hate haaaate the timers.

wouldnt have bought this game because of timers if it wasnt d&d

id be up for WotR to not have any timed shit, or just a couple of quests similar to nalias in bg2 (where she bitches about it if you dont go there quickly enough to eventually she leaves, but not for good and nothing gets failed, she just leaves the party and goes and wiats at her quest location) or when you first leave the city and find the poisoned harper and have to take him back.