Regil Builds (as of Feb Beta)

Regil, our favorite Gnome Hellknight, comes out of the box as a heavy armored double weapon user with 20’ movement max. Mechanically his AC is a touch low to be a tank, he doesn’t deal as much damage as some other companions, and his low movement + lack of reach makes it tricky to use him as a back line or charge melee type. His low Int makes it impossible for him to get Combat Expertise. He has 6 levels set as Amriger 5 / Hellknight 1. At this point in the beta Hellknight is not fully implemented, so further levels there will not be considered. Our main build options for him level 7+ are:

Armiger - Adds offense mainly through Weapons Training & feats (weapon specialization, piranha strike / power attack, etc.). Adds defense via Armor Training & possibly feats. Movement is not fixed directly, and has to be addressed via items or other party member buffs. This isn’t a terrible option, and has good support with some of the Mythic feats. This is the most lore friendly class choice.

Bloodrager (Primalist or Steelblood) - Primalist gives offensive boosts with Rage and eventually pounce via Rage Powers. It fixes defense with spells like Mirror Image and Shield. Uncanny Dodge prevent’s loss of dex when flat footed. Primalist also vastly increases movement, which makes Regil much more flexible to use in combat. Steelblood is theoretically defense focused, with more Armor Training like Armiger and the same spells as the Primalist, but it misses Uncanny Dodge. It doesn’t do quite as good a job of fixing offense (no pounce) or movement, but offers a bit of both. Either way Regil eventually can be a source of party haste, something few other companions can do. 10 levels of Primalist is a great breakpoint, but more doesn’t hurt. Primalist is probably the most OP choice.

Ranger (Freebooter, Espionage Expert, or Demonslayer) - Freebooter gives Regil party buff options with Freebooter’s Bane and Bond. It’s a generically good 4 level dip. Espionage Expert & Demonslayer are more traditionally Rangerish and give extra damage via favored enemy (outsiders). They can let him have Hunter’s Bond and Lead Blades is also a small damage boost. Menacing style makes it easy for him to get Shatter Defenses & Dreadful Carnage which is good for both him and the party. 4 levels of Freebooter is enough for the best stuff. 6 will give you a second combat feat. 10 levels of Demonslayer will max out what you can do with favored enemy. 14 will get you all the combat style feats you can fit in.

Slayer (Arcane Enforcer or base class) - The key adds here are sneak attack for extra damage, menacing style, and Studied Target for accuracy and possibly a defensive boost. The biggest reason to go Arcane Enforcer is Dimension Slide to help mobility. 3 levels will get you Dimension Slide on the Arcane Enforcer and 1d6 of Sneak Attack. 10 levels of either will max out Studied Target. 12 will max out Sneak Attack.

Monk (Traditional) - Dipping into Monk is a great way to get the base feats needed for Crane Wing, a super solid way to boost Regil’s defense. Regil will probably always wear armor, so getting Wis or Cha to AC is less important than getting a Will save boost from Traditional Monk that the other class variants don’t have. 1 level is plenty and 2 is probably the max advisable.

Stalwart Defender - This is the other way to get AC boost and Uncanny Dodge. Ironically Steelblood Regil would probably want 3-4 levels of this to get that, if dipping.

Options that seem possible, but less optimal to me are Barbarian (Bloodrager is better for Reg), Bard (too many early levels already used), Eldritch Scion Magus (too many levels needed for heavy armor casting), Rogue (Slayer gives what he needs without BAB loss), and Skald (same as Bard).

Sample builds

Regil the loyal Hellknight

7 Armiger 6 - Outflank, Improved TWF
8 Armiger 7
9 Armiger 8 - Dazzling Display, Shatter Defenses
10 Armiger 9
11 Armiger 10 - Greater TWF, Piranha Strike
12 Armiger 11
13 Armiger 12 - Greater Weapon Specialization, Double Slice
14 Armiger 13
15 Armiger 14 - Improved Crit: Gnome Hooked Hammer, Critical Focus
16 Armiger 15
17 Armiger 16 - Tiring Critical, Exhausting Critical
18 Armiger 17
19 Armiger 18 - Combat Reflexes, Seize the Moment
20 Armiger 19

Important Mythic stuff - Weapon Finesse (Mythic), TWF (Mythic), Piranha Strike (Mythic), Weapon Specialization (Mythic)

Focus is on getting the good fighter feats like Greater Weapon Specialization and normally expensive stuff like Exhausting Critical to maximize effectiveness. Really needs party members for buffs like Haste and Shield if at all possible.

Regil … it’s always the quiet ones

7 Armiger 6 - Outflank, Improved TWF
8 Primalist 1 - Fey Bloodline
9 Primalist 2 - Piranha Strike
10 Primalist 3
11 Primalist 4 - Greater TWF, Animal Fury, Guarded Stance
12 Primalist 5
13 Primalist 6 - Double Slice, Combat Reflexes (bloodline)
14 Primalist 7
15 Primalist 8 - Improved Crit: Gnome Hooked Hammer, Lesser Beast Totem, Beast Totem
16 Primalist 9 - Dodge (bloodline)
17 Primalist 10 - Extra Rage Power (Greater Beast Totem)
18 Primalist 11
19 Traditional Monk 1 - Crane Wing, Crane Style
20 Primalist 12 - Improved Initiative (bloodline), Fearless Rage, Swift Foot

Important Mythic stuff - Weapon Finesse (Mythic), TWF (Mythic), Piranha Strike (Mythic), Limitless Rage, Abundant Casting

Misses out on Shatter, but can self buff, and has much better defensive options than the pure Armiger build.

Regil, Demonslayer

7 Armiger 6 - Outflank, Improved TWF
8 Demonslayer 1
9 Demonslayer 2 - Shatter Defenses, Menacing Style (Dazzling Display)
10 Demonslayer 3
11 Demonslayer 4 - Greater TWF, Hunter’s Bond
12 Demonslayer 5
13 Demonslayer 6 - Piranha Strike, Menacing Style (Cornugon Smash)
14 Demonslayer 7
15 Demonslayer 9 - Dodge
16 Demonslayer 10 - Menacing Style (Dreadful Carnage)
17 Traditional Monk 1 - Crane Wing, Crane Style
18 Demonslayer 11 - Fiendish Quarry
19 Traditional Monk 2 - Seize the Moment, Combat Reflexes
20 Armiger 7

Important Mythic stuff - Weapon Finesse (Mythic), TWF (Mythic), Piranha Strike (Mythic), Abundant Casting

If Regil has to kill several boatloads of demons, then he might as well get serious about it and learn techniques from the best. This Regil is slightly leaderish with Hunter’s Bond and Dreadful Carnage. Dips into Monk for faster feat progression which ultimately makes Crane Wing and Seize the Moment possible. Armiger is there at the end for a final level of Armor Training. Honestly this is one of my favorite Regil builds even if it’s missing Improved Crit.

Regil the practical

7 Armiger 6 - Outflank, Improved TWF
8 Arcane Enforcer 1 - Dimension Slide
9 Arcane Enforcer 2 - Shatter Defenses, Menacing Style (Dazzling Display)
10 Arcane Enforcer 3
11 Freebooter 1 - Piranha Strike, Freebooter’s Bane
12 Freebooter 2 - Two Weapon Style (Double Slice)
13 Freebooter 3 - Improved Critical: Gnome Hooked Hammer
14 Freebooter 4 - Dodge, Freebooter’s Bond
15 Traditional Monk 1 - Crane Style
16 Traditional Monk 2 - Crane Wing, Combat Reflexes
17 Armiger 7 - Seize the Moment
18 Armiger 8 - Critical Focus or Accomplished Sneak Attacker
19 Armiger 9 - Tiring Critical or Greater Weapon Focus
20 Armiger 10 - Exhausting Critical or Dreadful Carnage

Important Mythic stuff - Weapon Finesse (Mythic), TWF (Mythic), Piranha Strike (Mythic), Improved Critical (Mythic).

Regil never lets something like sentimentality get in the way of what needs to be done, and this build follows that approach. It has early Dimension Slide for mobility and Crane Wing for defense a bit later than I like. Feats are up to you, especially at the end. As Reg would say, whatever gets the job done.


I found this super useful today and appreciate all that effort. Really disappointed when I got Regil because of his straight up lack of feats by level 6. I’m using your demon slayer model as it feels right for the character.

I’m not sold on him keeping his hammer. Seems you can replace it with almost any 2 decent finesse weapons and do better. Each will have their own effect and maybe even holy/good if lucky

I am not sure if this is already fixed.

In one of the last patches they divided demons into 3 different enemy types.
Classes who get bonusses against evil outsiders (demonslayer, celestrial bloodline bloodrager, maybe others) now get only bonusses against evil outsiders that are not demons.
Until this bug is fixed demonslayers would not get bonusses against demons but only against devils or daimons.

I keep him with the hammer. There’s a nice one you can pick up in Act 2 that does pretty decent damage in his hands. I would add that while it’s true he doesn’t have a huge number of feats, one reason for that is that his 5th level feat is actually a fighter weapon training ability that normally requires a 9th level fighter (making all double weapons finesse weapons).