Red Salamander - Maybe don't fix this?

It pains me to bring this up, because this item is awesome and playthrough defining and fun - but probably not functioning as intended.

The Red Salamander is a ring, available so far as I know ONLY in Chapter 2 at the Cleric vendor, which allows characters with Spells Known to add a number of fire themed spells to their list of spells known at the appropriate level. This includes more or less all the good and iconic fire damage spells.

The Bug is that this appears to be permanent, even after removing the ring.

That said, I kindof hope this is left as is?

It’s a powerful effect, for sure, but its a lot of money at a stage in the game where money is still reasonably scarce - its also a limited time option, meaning it’s something you kindof have to shape your playthrough around.

As well, while powerful, offensive fire spells are HARDLY ‘top tier’ on the power rankings.

I dont know if anyone else has had experiences with this item, but I’m pretty sure it’s definitely majorly bugged. I personally kindof hope it’s the sortof bug that gets left in because Fun, but it does deserve to be reported :wink:

This is true for all rings, that have this effect.

It is not permanent. I removed the ring so I would know which one the sorcerer was still missing, and the fire spells were gone from the list.
(I gave the ring to the oracle in the end, since the sorcerer can get the nukes anyway. For a life oracle the nukes are good to have.)

If it’s not always permanent, there’s some extremely common event or trigger that makes it so.

Maybe zoning or saving?

I’ve reliably used it to add the related spells to my main character and ember in multiple playthroughs now, and the ring lives in my inventory.