Recommended Mystic Theurge build?

Is there any background of the Wizard which is tied to Divine Spellcasting?

No, though there is one sorcerer bloodline that’s tied to divine casting.

Cool, thanks! Maybe my 1st char should be a sorcerer, like my first NWN char!

You got my vote for Sorcerer, all hail spontaneous casting!

The one thing to be aware of is that mystic theurge does NOT advance your sorcerer bloodline, though how much this matters will vary by bloodline.

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Good point, and on that very same point:

I hope WotR will do a better job with its UI to communicate just what exactly will change in which way when multi-classing/prestige-classing… in KM, while technically it was displayed, it was anything but straightforward to see at a glance what exactly I’d miss out on regarding Bloodline powers, feats, spells.

After a while it made sense, sure, but such important information should be straightforward right away.