Reclaim the Lost Chapel not advancing

Cleared map except can’t access area to right of chapel/underneath chapel. Earlier broke Wand of Zecharias (Good choice) so may be working as intended?

Moved an army onto it and it’s cleared.

I guess you mean that you cannot enter the lower parts of the lost chapel map?

I did this yesterday.
On my way up to the boss I could not leave the path. But after beating the boss and getting the second mystic level I could jump down when you take the path near the graveyard.

No, I got to the lvl 20 Outsider, etc, just not down to the Lich.

You need to have the wand to open that area. No wand, no admittance. The flashback in the wand dialog is supposed to twig you to this. There’s not much under there for anyone who isn’t wanting to go Lich.

I saw you realized you just needed to move an army onto the spot to progress the quest, but keeping the wand is not 100% intuitive so maybe my comment will help someone.

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