Realms Beyond: Ashes of the Fallen Kickstarter

Realms Beyond: Ashes of the Fallen - turnbased, 3.5 d&d, pool of radiance inspired, with toolset - what else to say about this game? Hope this game is as good as Pathfinder, but I think Pathfinder would be my ultimate game ever, as I love character costumization to the fullest, and RTwP combat, but I backed Realms Beyond anyway.

Early Bird basic edition for 20 euro is totally gone.

Will check for this kickstart. They promise plenty but some things are bit vague. Like how long game will be? Is there even a mainstory if you can travel where you want to and study things you want when you want (and have few continent to travel).

NWN kind of game editor sound great but for me base story and game in NWN was not really interesting. Community were great and custom quests reason to suggest game even for new players today.

Too bad: no promise of a Linux version (“maybe”, if they can hire someone to do it - but if you don’t design cross platform in from the start, it can become hard or almost impossible later).

Looks nice otherwise.

Thank you, backed it. We need more oldschool RPGs :smiley:

It’s funded, YAY! Need bit more for battle writers, though.

The blurred image for the last Stretch Goal appears to be Tux the Linux penguin.

I misread the title, and I thought the topic is about a failed Kickstarter. I need a coffee.

BTW, it doesn’t look bad, but I guess Kingmaker was the last CRPG I backed from a studio I have no experience with. That said, I will keep an eye on the game when it releases.

It now has steam page

I hope this game does not start the same way as kingmaker it take them two months to fix the game breaking bugs but i am looking forward to playing this game :slight_smile:

Sorry to ask, but do we get to have ‘pixel friends’ here?

I never back games (Kingmaker is the only game I’ve ever backed) because I don’t like paying for things that hasn’t been delivered yet. In saying that, I am keeping a close eye on Realms Beyond - my guess is this will be closer to BG1 than BG2/Kingmaker (I prefer the latter). Black Geyser - Couriers of Darkness seem more of what I will enjoy but I’m very skeptical due to the lack of information/updates/communication.

I never back games since (as far as i know) neither kickstarter or the courts give any compensation for undelivered projects.

But i do pre-order stuff. And this game is already in my wish list :slight_smile:

Black Geyser - Couriers of Darkness seems nice. Is it based on d20?

I have no idea - as I said before, they’ve hardly released any information on the actual game. Their kickstarter page is full on info on “how to pledge money for this project”. I think it will end up as “run away with your easy money, har har” project.

Kickstarter page:

Official website:

Found the info on their website. Thanks.
Its not d20 but a rule system made for the game…
Guess i won´t buy it (if its completed at all), unless it get good reviews and appear on a steam sale.

bumping this because the game seems to have great potential.

upsides : holy shit the immersive content I am always spewing about is all in this game (interactions based on your race, class, appearance, even stats like 18 CHA) , plus a LOT of things I’ve never even thought to complain about (NPCs have schedules, the possibility to drive bandits away for a noble that once done will have guards patrolling the area, effectively changing a part of the map from being tricky and dangerous to totally travellable).

downsides : graphics are a big letdown for a 2020 game. I like the isometric styles, but holy shit that the battle animations are boring. I hope that this is only alpha contents are that it will be more dynamic once full game is released, cause it’s so … static? it might even be a deal breaker.

… the exploration potential seems really ambitious too. Too ambitious. it’s cool and all to even put a naval system, but there are so many features I fear they might not be able to deliver. the extremely moddable contents gives good hope to at least have some charitable souls doing some work to enhances any lacks, though. So this game is still a question mark.