Rapid Shot no longer requires Point-Blank Shot

First, I do not really mind, but I am posting this as I am not sure it was intended/designed on purpose.

In the PnP rules, Rapid Shot (feat) required Point-Blank Shot (feat) and Dex 13. Based on what I can see on the Internet, past versions of the game had that requirement.

In version 2.0.8, all my characters/companions (with Dex 13), at any levels, can take Rapid Shot.

It is powerful at levels 1 to 3, but not overly OP since ranged attacks have no damage bonuses.

  • nb : I searched the web and could not find any patch notes or news about this change being voluntary or even noticed by anyone. I updated some wikis for this feat as the requirements are different at the moment.

This is definitely not RAW, so I assume that it is unintentional. Did you make an in-game bug report? Also, it might be worth moving this to the bug forum. @Mortheim

It looks like there is another issue with the feat here: Rapid shot affecting Melee

Maybe it was updated in the last patch and something broke?


  • I did not know about the in-game bug report system (for KM). Will check it out
    [F11 it would seem].
  • I do not see a bug forum for KM. This forum seemed like the equivalent. Where is that ?

Sorry, I see that the bug forum is only for WotR as you say, so this is probably the right place for it :wink:

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I used the in-game bug reporting tool.