Ranger Pets which are your favorites and why?

Title says it all I am playing a ranger currently and looking for pet input to help me decide when I hit level 4 (probably later today) :grin:

And go…

During Kingmaker I played a Sacred Huntsman and used a leopard for my animal companion. Part of that is that I really like cats, but the leopard was very useful - the focus on Dexterity gave it really good AC, only becoming a Medium size creature meant that it was easy for my party to move around it especially in dungeons, and while it wasn’t the best at tripping it still did it often enough to really help out with some fights.

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Centipede is my totaly my favorite, but you have to play around it. Second is Leopard, together with Smilodon it is easiest to manage pets you can pick.

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In no specific order


  • For his small size(That is a very important asset)
  • good dps + a trip attack
  • fast
  • Use Dex for attack and damage


  • Best dps
  • Pounce (full attack after charging)


  • Good dps
  • A lot of flavor + extra damage with a scimitar build (Thundering Claw of the Bear God scimitar)


  • Good at everything and the best at nothing.
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Monitor Lizard.
Even though Owlcat didn’t actually model them after monitor lizards at all. But instead took heavily their inspiration from the caiman lizard. Still. caiman liizards are awesome!

caiman lizard

Second choice for me is the Giant Centipede. Lovely “litte” buggers, those. Way better than any of those hairy mammals. :stuck_out_tongue:

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First choice: anything medium. The main purpose of animal companions is to absorb initial attacks and/or help my party members flank. If they actually end up impeding that, then they are doing more harm than good.

Second choice, if forced to pick a companion that will become large: whatever has the highest strength. The secondary purpose of animal companions is to help increase my party’s carrying capacity and their ability to fulfill that purpose depends on their strength.


Wow great answers! Thanks to all! Now in recent years I have been stuck on Boar for companions (most recently in Pillars/Deadfire but perhaps going back as far as some of my most recent NWN2 campaigns. In those games the boar was notable for his stamina (regeneration) altho they did have some size issues in Pillars/Deadfire.