Ranged Precise Strike

Since ranged attacks trigger sneak attacks if the foe is flanked (aka threatened) by two of your allies, does the same apply to precise strike?

Similarly, does outflank apply on ranged when a creature is flanked by two of your allies?

Precise strike states melee attack in its description

Outflank only applies when you flank the enemy yourself. You cannot flank with ranged weapons.

Edit: Point Blank Master may allow you to flank in melee range though, haven’t tested it.

Mind you the topic is Precise Strike (Teamwork feat) in this game.

As OP, fact is Sneak attack (Precision) damage is added in-game when an enemy is flanked by two allies.

But it clearly does not work that way with Precise Strike (Teamwork feat). I know for sure that ranged attacks do not trigger the Precise Strike effect.

nb : which means I need to test if it works when the actual inquisitor (Solo Tactics) with Precise Strike does a melee attack in flanking position… Like Littlebob86 stated above, the description does specify melee attacks. Oh well, my Ekundayo build is not perfect.

My Sacred Huntsmaster (Inquisitor) is supposed to give the Animal Companion and all party members the teamwork feat. It never works. Should it not work at least with the Animal Companion in melee with other party members? (other than the Inquisitor himself/herself)

My reading was that The animal companion shares all of your teamwork feats, but it doesn’t get its own Solo Tactics ability, so either you or another party member who has same tactics feat must be in position to meet the conditions (next to each other or both flanking/engaging the same enemy)