Random Encounter clicks

You’ve Spotted Enemies!
< Try to Avoid > Click 1

You have successfully evaded the enemies!
< Evade > Click 2

< Continue > Click 3

Three clicks, when one would have done it. It asked me if I wanted to avoid, I said I did, it succeeded. Just assume I clicked Evade and Continue without asking me again, please.

It’s no big deal once, or even ten times. It’s annoying over ten, over the lifetime of the game it is infuriating.

Does it give you the option to ambush if you avoid them?

It gives you the option to engage, but there is no advantage to hiding. What’s more if there is an ambush option, it can be handled by adding a third button to the original modal “Hide and Ambush.”

In dialogue, if you choose to attack someone, you tend to get a jump on the initiative. If you select attack for the random encounters, you typically start at the location without being engaged in combat. So, you get the benefit of party placement and setting initiative. As opposed to when they successfully ambush you and you start the encounter in combat where they have the better initiative and placement.

Unless this hasn’t been your experience?

Generally, the random encounters are so low powered, I’m not paying that close attention to the numbers. I’m usually spending the time grumbling about having to wait for the screen transitions.

Yes, it’s for initiative.

Don’t hesitate to use the in-game report feature for bugs or suggestions, it’s more efficient: alt-B will send the screenshot (that you can edit before sending) along with the problem description.