Questions regarding lagg in game

Hello I love the game and I just want to enjoy it with zero lagg. I have an i7 processor, windows 10, 24 gigs ram, Geforce GTX 1050 ti graphics card, terrabyte SSD. My PC should runt his on max settings without lagg. (even so I have reduced resolution to help. But this should not be needed in the first place because of my pc stats.) Lowering the resolution did not solve the lagg. Now my game only laggs/stops rarely so not constantly but lets say every 5 minutes it might stop once time but it seems to more be dependant on where I am in the game or where my screen is. I am just trying to solve it because I am really the kind of person that cannot enjoy a game if their is any lagg in it what so ever. (why I spent money on this PC in the first place). Looking for help here.

Yes I make sure other things are closed while playing. I even reinstalled windows 2 days ago and only installed this game to see if that would solve it. But no.

There is currently a massive memory leak in the game (all versions). The only way to reduce lag is to restart it every hour or so.
Let’s hope they’ll fix it soon.

The lag is annoying im trying to get through the hollow city and this is the 11th time restarting. It completely freezes up like I’m trying to give owlcat a chance but this might be the last thing I purchase from them. The game is totally bugged out.

I responded to a post similar to this a while back and the suggestions I have might help.

Here’s a link to the post.

Ah, so the lag comes from the merchants inventories? Makes sense I guess, with the amount of crap we’re selling them…
Unfortunately, I’m playing on PS4, so the mod is not an option. I wish the crap loot would be automatically deleted, maybe something they should add in a further patch. One can only dream.