Questions on some of the vague details

So many items with little or no details it’s difficult to make decisions about them. Some of this it seems I should know from previous DnD based games but if I did the memory files must be corrupted LOL.

Here’s a couple I came across today…
Masterwork weapons - the descriptions are identical to non-magic non-masterwork weapons as far as I can see. If memory serves the difference here is that a masterwork weapon will hit something that requires a +1 to hit normally?

Looking further it appears that when it comes to bows - regular bows, composite bows, and masterwork bows all carry the same exact description the only differences are between long and short, (where range, and damage and critical info are different)

I assume this is true across the board for all weapons?

Masterwork weapons give you a +1 to your AB & Composite Bows give you additional damage from your Strength modifier.

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Is there a formula for that additional str damage? Or maybe a better question is it it worth it to try to crunch these numbers or just accept that as the dice roll the game will calculate the results and life will either move on or not LOL.

Oh? nope - it’s quite simple… a Composite Bow will always make more damage than an equal ‘normal’ Bow - as long as the character has at least 12 STR and hence a +1 STR modifier. And of course the more STR the char has (modifier) the more damage you can do with a Composite Bow - but the ‘possible’ damage is always shown on the character screen anyway and hence it can be compared easily - no formula needed. :slight_smile: