Question on food in my inventory

So I pick up food in loot as I travel but it seems it just sits in my inventory but in the meantime every time I rest my team has to send someone out to hunt. Am I missing something here?

Is there a use for these food items?

I have not noticed any “crafting” options either for potions or other items. Will I eventually find someone that can craft for me using some of the items I pick up?

Certain food items can be used in cooking recipes, but you have to get the recipes first, read them and activate them on the “Camping” screen.

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When you camp outside of Oleg’s Trading Post or the capital, you need to either hunt or have at least one ‘Camping Supplies’ in your inventory for each person in your party to fully rest, otherwise you’re mostly just passing time. The food you mention doesn’t count as ‘Camping Supplies’ and are instead used as ingredients in recipes that you can assign a person in your party to cook whenever you camp. Each recipe provides some minor bonuses to the party if the cook succeeds in cooking them and every companion has a favorite recipe that grants an additional bonus to them.

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I discovered some info someplace about the difference between using camping supplies or hunting (and the special need to have camp supplies in dungeons because you can’t hunt) but have not quite worked out the actual logistics involved in using them yet.

I sort of assumed I would just choose either the hunt or the supplies by clicking one or the other on the rest screen but that doesn’t seem to work out - perhaps I have to remove the characters entirely from the resting “chores” I have assigned them (based on who is better suited stat wise for each chore) if I want to use the supplies?

It suggested someplace that use of a guard was particularly important - so I eventually had the the whole crew assigned to something during rest periods and I just left them there.

Speaking of resting it seems you must rest a LOT but I suppose that’s just to remind you how large the map is and how small and puny your low level characters are and assists in making time spent meaningful to completing the game due to deadlines LOL!

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When you’re at the camping menu you’ll see two boxes directly under the ‘Manage’ button. The one on the left tells you how many rations you need to properly rest and the one on the right is a button that determines whether or not you actually use the rations. If you don’t hit the button then your designated hunter will hunt for supplies instead of using rations which will take a random amount of time that’s influenced by the hunter’s Lore (Nature) level. If you do hit the button then you’ll use rations instead of hunting for supplies which will take 9 hours no matter what. You should always hunt when the option is available because it saves resources but you can’t hunt in dungeons so you have to have at least one ration per companion if you want to rest in a dungeon.

As for needing to rest a lot, that’s probably a result of having too much stuff in your party’s inventory and not enough STR. Try to keep your inventory as barebones as possible while still having enough supplies to survive encounters. Either sell excess stuff or store it in your storage chest at Oleg’s or the capital.

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So what happens if I need 6 rations and I only have 4 in a dungeon and I try to rest? Does it not allow the rest at all or does it give you a “partial” outcome (some recuperation)?

Is it possible to create rations (from ingredients) on the road?

I’m not sure but I believe it’ll simply not allow you to rest if you don’t have enough rations. And no, unfortunately, you can’t craft rations as far as I know but they’re very cheap and you can buy them at most vendors. Oleg and the vendors in the capital have an unlimited supply of them, though.

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If you don’t have enough rations you can’t rest - or to be more precise - you just can skip (waste) time with it, but won’t heal/regain spells etc. & nope, it’s not possible to create rations except the ones you get from hunting, which isn’t possible in Dungeons and the rations from hunting are always used immediately for the current rest. So it’s a good idea to always have quite a few camping supplies/rations with you - also to ‘save’ time and not waste it for hunting, because many quests have (sometimes hidden) timers and using rations instead of hunting is a good way to save precious time!