Question about the secret ending (spoiler)

Can I get the secret ending if I am not good and go for the barbarians instead of tristan after beating Vordekai?

In my first playthrough (without guide) I almost made it, I just failed to get the right dialogue after beating 3 bosses. I went after Tristan after beating Vordekai.

If I convince Tristan to destroy the eye of abadon when fighting Vordekai I get the briar from Ivoretti.
But I meet Nyrissa when I go after Tristan first and later there is an conversation where you need to be good to improve your reputation with Nyrissa.

At the moment my char is chaotic neutral and I wanted to see what happens if I go after the barbarians first. Last time I went after Tristan first and I was good. The Tristan part was not planned, I just went after the quest location that was closer to my current position.

At the moment I am in the womb of Lamashtu, so my next importent choice comes at Vordekai and I have some time to change my alignment.
I have only investigated one curse so far, but getting all advisors comes first. I should still have enough time to investigate the curses when I have both divine and arcane advisors and there is no problem that can only be solved by them.

Edit: I decided that I will try to become good.
I always ended up lawful good so far, so its a miracle that I managed to remain chaotic neutral until chapter 3. In my current run I try to get the best outcome everywhere so I chose neutral because of kobolds vs mites, but I forgot Nyrissas dialogue choice when selecting my alignment.

Good is not needed, you just get a extra optional conversation if you are good where you can earn extra ‘‘love’’ points.

If Tristian break the Eye, you don’t need to save him first.



I managed to become chaotic good before the start of chapter 4, so I should have no problem when I take care of the barbarians before going after Tristan.

Finally I have both arcane and divine advisor and 3 curses investigated and 130 days to bald hiltop curse 3. Things look good so far.

I hope I did not ruin it.

She appeared at the start of the varnhold chapter.
I chose the first option " I do not hate you." and not the second “If you stop attacking my kingdom we can solve this together.”
(note: I play in german so this is a rough translation.)
Shortly after I had the inconsequential debates and the answer to my love question was " I have not found my love yet.", there was no hint to Nyrissa (some forums say there should be.)

The only guide I found was the steam guide and it does not tell the exact answers I have to take except for the final 2 chapters.
I am not 100% sure what “chose the nicest option” means in every case.
Well, lets hope you do not need to select exactly one answer in every encounter as long as you are nice and do not threaten or insult her.

Now I am in the long period between beating Armag and Pitax, doing kingdom management. I have investigated 13 curses and I got the answers from Tartuk, Vordakai and Armag. I did the barbarians before Tristan.

Lets hope I still get my “love score” high enough for Nyrissa. I am chaotic good now.

Does it matter what I do with the cursed crown outside the castle of knives? (Give it to the elder, give it to the other guy, keep it for myself). I should have investigated enough curses and maybe I should be nice to an elder when I need her help later to destroy the lantern king.

Crap, I failed it.
Looks like I gave a wrong answer at some point.

I had to fight Nyrissa in the house, she went down before she could do anything.
No I fight to get my kingdom back from the lantern king.

This is a great game but I will not play it again soon.
Its so huge.

I was saved a few times by looking at the variable 816b7cc721f372041a3475144a6176d4 in the file player.json

Without it, i will have also fail… the ‘‘right’’ conversation choices are often not that obvious.