Question about Pitax

This is more a lore than a game question. I am still on my very first playthrough and I’m having a blast. So, please, no spoilers.

I had been invited to the Rushlight tournament in Pitax. After winning two out of three contests, Irovetti still declared Pitax as the winner. He then mocked me and my “kingdom” in front of the audience and also called it tiny.

Which I don’t understand. Looking at the map, Pitax is the tiny one. The land I rule over is about three times the size of Pitax and my economy is going through the roof. It don’t believe I could win a fight against Pitax, but I am surely getting Irovetti worried. Also, I was surprised Pitax did let me annex the region north of it and have barbarians settle there. If I ever planned to invade Pitax, I would safely start from there, instead of going through the Narlmarch.

Why tiny? Defenitely not in size. Is Pitax supposed to have a high population density? I think the stolen lands were (and probably are) rather sparsely populated.

Looking at this map here puts my little upstarter kingdom more in the league of Gralton than Pitax. For sure I’m the best neighbor to mock and play pranks on, but I am defenitely not tiny!

They go into how Irovetti came to power later in the act. You’ll also see that they have some impressive structures built in the city. It was the most developed part of the Stolen Lands by far until your kingdom came along. But, the whole area has a history that I won’t spoil for you. You may remember Sterano coming to your kingdom very early on and crapping all over it. This plays into the Pitax chapter as well.

As for the tournament. He’s just trying to look good/superior in front of his subjects. If I recall correctly, you are declared the winner if you win all 3 contests. Keep playing and it will all unfold before your eyes.

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Of course, and I also met him when he was already on his way back to Pitax, saving him from a bandit ambush, I think. He confessed that my barony was in a much better state than he initially said :sunglasses:

Hard to not declare me the winner then, but my main character is a ranger. He is absolutely trash in combat, and my dog companion often steamrolls through groups of enemies. Unfortunately, it was not allowed to join the brawl :smiley:so I have no chance of winning the 3rd contest.

Thanks for taking the time to reply and clearing this up. I’m 260 hours in, and I’m still having such a blast.

That’s great! I’m just shy of 1200 hours in kingmaker and have put nearly 300 into the WotR alpha. You won’t be disappointed with WotR. It improves on everything Kingmaker had going for it.

Be prepared for a pretty steep difficulty ramp after Pitax though. I haven’t played the definitive edition yet. But, it was quite hard in the next chapter. I won’t spoil anything for you, but make sure that you have freedom of movement on everyone at all times!

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Irovetti is an insecure megalomaniac who would likely insult you and your kingdom regardless of its size or strength. That being said, he’s not exactly wrong in his assessment, at least at that point in the story. The Stolen Lands may be large in terms of size but its barely populated and horribly underdeveloped. Pitax itself isn’t particularly large or powerful, even by the low standards of the River Kingdoms, but the capital city alone probably has more people in it than your entire kingdom at that point. It also has more established trade routes and thus has better access to technology and wealth.

If your Ranger is crap in combat then you have a lot of improvement to look forward to in subsequent playthroughs. Amiri and Ekun are both Rangers (Amiri with Barb2 splash) in this shot:

Ranger’s a great class.

There are any number of ways to win the brawl no matter how good you are in combat, and there are skill checks at Rushlight that I’m pretty sure let you win over the crowd (affecting the difficulty of subsequent kingdom projects) even if he does claim an illegitimate win.

Biggest thing you can get from Rushlight is a massive amount of EXP if you always choose the hardest skill check and pass it, likewise in Armag’s Tomb.

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