Question about blocked passage in basement

so in the market square there is a building you can enter where there is a blocked passage that spawns dretches when you try to clear it, is there any way to get past this wall currently? i have killed like 50 dretches down there and still it just deals cold damage and keeps blocking passage

Yup. You stay down the stairs (not further) without moving for like 20-60 seconds, and prepare for a fight.
You stay down the stairs (not further), and cast an area spell, or a see invisibility spell (you should have found a scroll on the body), and prepare for a fight.

I also posted about this and I was not the first one.

Good luck ! :wink:

Edit for more info : here and here.

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Does this also work, if you already have been there? So you enter it again and wait?

I’m not sure, but I don’t see why not, as long as you haven’t fought the shadow demon there. (no, this does not warrant a spoiler alert, each time you try to Athletic your way through the blockage, it says a Shadow Demon damages you “Cold Damage : 2D6”)