Quest/Task help

Quest/Task help

I have several unresolved Quest/Task that I need help with.

  1. Night Gamblers - Companion quest. After confronting Sosiel about provoking a fight with the gamblers, nothing else seems to happen.

  2. More than nothing - Companion quest. I can not find even 1 mask. Have completed all but 2 minor things before the queen is supposed to show up in Drezen.

  3. The price of Knowledge - Learn the Identity of the mad Half-Elf. No clue how to advance this.

  4. Gather 21 ceremonial daggers - Only found 15…ran around that map multiple times (4+)
    gave up and now can not go back.

  5. Still need more storyteller pages but I think that I have found the only 2 up to this point in the game.

  6. Restore the gauntlets Only have 3 of the 4 Cold Iron. Thought I had more but another artifact may have used some.

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Knights from Blackwing Library, are looking for their Half-elf captain, that deserted to study druid knowledge.

NPC should be in almost same place as where Sosiel was provoking fight.

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Thanks for the heads up!

Hmmm, must be a bug because there are no knights in Drezen, Only see Citizen <–everywhere, (Crusader, Eagle Watch Crusader, Kenabres Crusader, By the Prison and Barracks) and Mongrel near the main gate. (Can not remember where Sosiel was with the card playing troops, but I ran along every wall around the city’s 3-4 levels, depending on how you count it)

Ok, I had to go into the kingdom management screen and skip a few days, then the knight of the Flaming Lance showed up and I was able to tell him about the half-elf.

+1 for the cerimonial dagger quest here. I have only found 12 daggers.
And strangely there are 4 wights (near an athletic skill check in pulura’s fall) that are not hostile, and i can’t interact with them in any way