Quality of life for high-level casters

Could we get some QoL improvements for casters with many spells?

  1. (expensive) items to store spells in - something like Sequencer Robes in Neverwinter Nights
  2. spell lists: we could add several spells to a list and then cast them with one click - this would be awesome help in casting buffs before combat… Spells that are not prepared would be skipped over. They would target self, but it could be also more complex with setting target to specific party member or “closest ally”, etc.
  3. optional instant cast outside of combat - casting 10 buff spells before combat takes long time and is repetitive - there could be difficulty option to make those casts instant… It could be bit gamey in terms of durations, but if that’s big problem, perhaps each such cast would instead move world time? Or just substract from time left on present effects…