Purple Stone Knife

Today, I loaded up my save file to try and find a way around the leveling bug for wizards. As an experiment, I decided to unequip all items and then try leveling up. That is when I discovered a Purple Stone Knife in slot 4 that I could not remove.

I will concede that it is possible I picked up the knife while exploring, but I’ve been paying close attention to loot and inventory. I don’t normally pickup everything, I just started playing, and my resources are limited. However, I would definitely remember equipping such a knife and if i did, it would go in slot 1 or 2, not slot 4. With hundreds of hours in Pathfinder: Kingmaker, I almost never use slots 3 or 4 on my wizards.

Somehow, this knife ended up equipped on my character and now I cannot unequip it.

It is the dagger that is supposed to be the Silver Dragon’s Claw (the now-dead defender of the city). The Storyteller asks you to retrieve it from the Market Square in Chapter 1.

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its the story knife for the wardstone. you find it at the aeon place. I think you can unequip it after chapter one but not sure. Just keep it

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I must have missed that in the dialogue. I did just come from the Marketplace. Is it normal not to be able to unequip the dagger?

I have never tried it, actually, but since it is a Quest item, it may be intended (which would lock one option out from the MC, but I think 4 is too much anyway).

You can unequip (and maybe even sell it) after chapter 1. But before you can not give it for anyone else. You do not need to use it but you are “forced” to wear it.

I would prefer if it was a quest item that cannot be sold instead of an item that blocks one equipment slot.
Well, we already had this issue with Amiris weapon in PK.

With 4 slots in should not be a problem, but it feels annoying not to be able to move a weapon.

As a spoiler. The daggers is a quest item and is used for defeating the final section of grey keep. It well be removed after that section.