Pulara's Falls -- Angel Mythic Quest (Spoilers?)

I’m having difficulty solving the floor puzzle in the room in the temple that has the stargazing pool. I have found the Old Sarkorian book and the missing page. Initially, I thought it would be just choosing the constellations in order of their appearance in the story, but not all are name dropped.

Please, can someone help me out here?

i just got there and i’m a idiot when it comes to puzzles. i wish i could help.

You are correct on the hints. In Beta you needed only 6 constellations but I haven’t seen that puzzle on the release so IDK if it still works that way.

I am afraid I had to resort to looking up the solution on the Web. Which is a serious dent in the sense of accomplishment I had grown so far. But even knowing the correct solution I fail to see the logic. If anyone was able to find the solution using logic, would she/he like to share that knowledge?